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Black Screen drop outs


New Member
Hi I've had my PS5 for 2 weeks now connected to LG CX. All works great apart from issue with black screen drop outs that only happen when I'm using a wireless headset with usb dongle. All fine but after playing for around 20-30 mins I get a black screen with okay audio for around 3 secs. All okay again after it for around same time then happens again. Tried all I can think from using different headsets to swapping hdmi sockets and cable. Anyone else had similar or can help?


Sniper Kitten
Staff member
I haven't (I'm using my PS5 on a 10 year old HDTV at the moment lol) but it almost sounds like a connection issue to the TV. I'd start with swapping HDMI ports. If that doesn't work, try swapping out the HDMI cables. Also, depending on the resolution you're outputting, you may need HDMI cables with better bandwidth. If you're using standard HDMI cables (ie the crap cables that came packaged), it may not handle it. You may need 4K60Hz or 4K120Hz cables depending on if you're outputting to those. If you are using good cables, it could just be a software glitch they haven't patched yet.


New Member
I've changed hdmi bought new certified one. Changed sockets as well but no charge. Just played for 4 hours straight not using headset and again no issue. For some reason only happens when using headset. It's very odd.

I'm hoping it's a glitch and reached out to Sony but not heard back from them.


New Member
Well finally solved it and it was my soundbar going to sleep and switching off that caused the problem. Drove me mad.
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