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BF4 multiplayer bugs & issues?


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I cannot connect to a conquest game at all, and when I manually search for hardcore matches every server it finds has 0 players. I know im not the only one wanting hardcore matches. Also does it seem buggy during mu.tiplayer sometimes? like im lagging but not haha. I seem to be running in place sometimes and the screen has a momentary spaz out.
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Same on PC too. Seems like DICE needs to push out a few more big patches. Performance has been fine on my AMD cards but is still sucking balls on Nvidia.


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I cannot confirm this, but I read this in two articles (and I assume they have spoken to someone at DICE or EA) that Conquest isn't working properly and will be up soon.. Something about server capacity.

There is a similar game mode (the name eludes me right now) on a smaller scale... I couldn't get that one working today though.

I hope that enable an ability to create squads pre-game then join as a group.. None of this you can invite or join people in games in progress.. It's a toss up if you are on the same team.

Unless there is a way and I can't figure it out? (along with all my friends who got the game!)


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It seems you need to refine your search when looking for a server, I had that same problem and it's annoying as crap. Like, find more countries, highlight all maps and make sure to highlight hardcore and the first two ranked options.


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It seems you need to refine your search when looking for a server, I had that same problem and it's annoying as crap. Like, find more countries, highlight all maps and make sure to highlight hardcore and the first two ranked options.

I looked at the available servers and there is never anyone in them??

I just do the Quick play method, but you can't preform squads like that.

That's all I need :( Haha


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BF4 is a big freaking game, like BF3, huge maps and the loading time sucks. I'm not surprised though.


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Same here, unable to connect to any server when attempting to play Conquest. I can't believe this made it past their QA dept.
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