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Beyond: Two Souls only got a 6 from IGN


New Member
Okay, so this game got a lot of hype before it was released. I was pretty excited myself! The trailers looked great and that's what was imprinted on the back of my mind. But I just read the review of IGN and they just gave it a 6. Read the full review here: http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/10/08/beyond-two-souls-review

So what do you think? I haven't played the game yet but it really looks cool in this video by Pwediepie


New Member
Yeah, it got such a low score, but it kinda deserved it. I mean, the game itself is not bad. In fact, it's really good, but it doesn't manage to tell us a good intriguing story. It fails to deliver everything in a package.


New Member
I haven't played the game, but you need to understand that a review is just one person's opinion. I love IGN, but people need stop acting like an IGN review is the end all be all of a game review. If another person at IGN reviewed it, who knows, maybe it would have gotten a 7.5. At the end of the day, if you like a game, play it, even if it has a bad review.


New Member
So you guys have played the game?

I haven't finished it yet! My problem with it is that there is no real risk. Even if you fail high-action scenes, she always turns out to be OK- I guess this is natural since they want to tell a story and if she dies it's the end and there wouldn't be a point. I would like to be able to interact more with the environment too... It's less than in Heavy Rain. I haven't finished it yet so I will post what I think in the end. I might change my mind and love it to death, or be disappointed! I just think IGN isn't 100% wrong about what they're saying, from what I've played...


New Member
...IGN isn't wrong by any means - it is beautiful, but I want a game. Graphics mean nothing to me when exchange for being able to actually interact with the story. It's the same complaint I've had with other lovely games in the past, don't show me what could have been - instead let me make it happen. Also let me fail - there is nothing wrong with a game over sign, because at the end of the day I can reset or load a save file. Honestly, it isn't the worse game in history, but it could have benefited a lot from having Cage step back and let it be a game versus the longest movie ever.


New Member
I think the developers took the cinematic gaming experience a bit too far in this game then. I thought Metal Gear Solid was the ultimate but your comments seem to make me think otherwise. Watching Pewdiepie play, I observed that he's just mostly watching rather than playing. I think I'm still gonna buy it just to experience the entire story.


Professional Escapologist
It's a David Cage "game". The game is about pressing button prompts to move to the next scene, the plot is full of plot holes and is a mess, the story is uninteresting and the "choices" you make don't change that much the story.

And i really don't like neither Ellen Page or Willem Dafoe.


New Member
I do agree with that score. I've played the game 'till the end and I found it a bit boring to play. It was just like watching a film with worse graphics (it have good graphics if we compare it to other videogames though). The only good thing I found on that game was the history and it was completely dissipated just because they wanted it to be disordered.
They could have made a film instead of a videogame...


New Member
Underrated, if you're not a fan of graphic novel game types then don't play it or review it lol, yes you don't have that much interactivity but it's supposed to be that way, to be honest I found the storyline quite good, and with the provided ending they've left open the possibility for a sequel to appear in the PS4, which I really hope it does.


New Member
It takes a certain mood for me to be in to appreciate these games. Thankfully, when I played it I was. For the type of game it was (little interactivity, lots of choices -- see Walking Dead, Heavy Rain, etc.) it was excellent. Graphics were stunning at some points, even if controls or movements sometimes were clunky. Play it only if you like those games. If not, steer clear -- you're going to hate it.


New Member
I haven't played this game yet but I saw previews for it and I have watched my nephew play it. I have to admit that it wasn't what I was expecting. Based on the previews I saw, I thought this game was going to be different than what I saw my nephew playing. I will admit that it does look like a good game to play though. I will get it and play it to see or I may borrow it from my nephew.


New Member
Thats happening because of Call of duty games and advertisement.That rate comes from casual gamers that are not gamers at all.Fake audience is just self delusion and some people obviously cant realize that.
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