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Best Resident Evil game for the PS1


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The PS 1 has released a lot of Resident Evil games during its lifetime. I have played Resident Evil Director's Cut, Resident Evil 2 both as Leon and Claire, and Resident Evil 3 Nemesis. In my opinion, Resident Evil 3 is the best because it combined a lot of elements of the previous games together to provide a bigger and better horror gaming experience. We also witnessed the birth of the Mercenaries minigame. Also, Nemesis was pretty scary.

Resident Evil 2 brings me the most nostalgia though. It's the RE game that I miss the most.


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I only played one of the Resident Evil games, but I don't remember which one. I know there was a scene in a house (mansion?) where the zombie dogs burst through the windows, and I almost soiled myself. I've never been good with horror or suspenseful games, so I tended to steer clear of Resident Evil. Still, I suppose it's a testament to the developers' skills that it bothered me as much as it did then.


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Since you mention a mansion and dogs jumping through a glass Window, I think you're referring to Resident Evil 1. I also find it hard to play survival horror games by myself. That's why I often play Resident Evil games when somebody else is around. Resident Evil 1 is also the first RE game that I played but I never finished it.


RPG Ambassador
Though it was a broken mess, and way ahead of its time for the technology to properly support it, Resident Evil Outbreak.

All the tense Resident Evil action, survival, and deathtrap puzzles in 4-man online play. No other game, not even DayZ or Left4Dead, can come close to the tension and teamwork absolutely needed for these scenarios. I want a remake for File #3 to be done for current/next gen. And not, Operation Raccoon City does NOT count, that was an abomination done by the shoddy SOCOM team.

Clark Wayne

New Member
I think the best Resident Evil game on PlayStation 1 is the 3rd one. Like you said, it perfectly combined all the elements of horror, action and strategy. One thing that really scared me though was the ever lingering presence of Nemesis. It was so frightening having appear in some random location and stalk you. What made it so bad was that you couldn't even kill him, so you just had to do your best to survive.


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I would have to agree that the third one is the best one on that platform at least, RE4 is the best overall am I right guys? But I do still enjoy playing the original the most because it was the first one I ever played and beat.
Although the remake they did for the Wii was terrible and I hated when I tried to play it.


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Resident Evil 2 of course! When I first played it I just couldn't believe that was happening there. It was dark, it was evil, it was mysterious and it was brutal.

None of those horror games ever amazed me like this. An exception is Silent Hill. It has the same high quality but is a bit different.


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I would have to agree that the third one is the best one on that platform at least, RE4 is the best overall am I right guys? But I do still enjoy playing the original the most because it was the first one I ever played and beat.
Although the remake they did for the Wii was terrible and I hated when I tried to play it.

Yep, I agree that part 4 is the best since it took the series to new heights. The best remake of RE1 is the Gamecube version I think. It wowed me with the upgraded graphics and enhanced game play.


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This is a fairly easy question for me to answer. It has to be RE2. It remains one of my favourite console horror titles of all time. Lots of puzzles that required some thought, no idea of where to go next (you just don't get that in today's games – they're far too linear), various jumpscares which I come close to soiling myself and overall a really decent storyline for it's time. It’s one game I would happily buy again if it was tidied up a little and made for the PS3/PS4. No question about it.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the original game and RE3, but I was never wholly fond of Nemesis after the Tyrant 103. It just didn't have that same impact for me… Dare I say it, I thought Nemesis was mildly overrated. The silence of the T103 and his relentless progress towards you regardless of how much ammo you pumped into him just made him more sinister. Especially when he'd just walk up to you and immediately knock you to the floor – taking the majority of your health with it in one hit…


New Member
RE2 for me easily. I remember playing it through so many times -just to get playing as a marshmallow or something!!!! And of course the outfit unlocks. Was a top game at the time.


New Member
I was always a fan of Resident Evil 2 myself. It had the right amount of tension to it, and interesting features.


New Member
RE1 was a good intro into the series though. You could actually see that this new video game series on this new console had potential and that both would be around for awhile. RE2 merely cemented that the series had potential.


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I always get stuck between picking which Resident Evil is my favorite of the pre-RE4 ones. I have heavy nostalgia for 2 and 3, I played 2 first and the music plus atmosphere left a heavy impression on me, along with some unintentional stuff. Like the fact the raccoon city police had a budget like the Smithsonian (alright, an exaggeration) and you spend a good 60-70% of the game there. I felt like the most frightening parts were when you were on the streets of raccoon city or the brief marshaling yard section (LOVED the music on both sides). The final section felt like pure Aliens goodness playing Claire's scenario, awesome last bosses!

Resident Evil 3 is spread out far better and you spend most of your time in the city's streets. Who doesn't love Nemesis, he's a STAR! The game felt far more like an 80's zombie flick, like Day of the Dead and you could really feel the hopelessness of Raccoon City. The music and sound effects really cemented this, I loved how you would randomly hear other people in the background fighting off zombies yet they were always far away. That STILL sends shivers down my spine. When the game came out it got a bit of flack for basically being an expansion to RE2 but who cares it was awesome. It was great to see the hunters return from RE1 and in multiple flavors this time!


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I always get stuck between picking which Resident Evil is my favorite of the pre-RE4 ones. I have heavy nostalgia for 2 and 3, I played 2 first and the music plus atmosphere left a heavy impression on me, along with some unintentional stuff.

You bring up a good, general gaming nostalgia point. Why is it that 15 years or so ago I could play a sequel of game first and feel compelled to play the earlier games, but now if I play a sequel I don't really see a need to play the previous ones?


New Member
I think it's because in the 1990s-early 2000s it was a blend of there being a Wikipedia, but stuff not being covered as thoroughly as it is now, there not being topic specific wikias, and as with any other interest or fandom (manga, comics, sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, wrestling, etc) your fandom is initially shared among those local to you (family, friends/classmates) before exploring and expanding your participation in a fandom online awhile later (where you also learn more about your fandom).

Applying all of that to old school gaming, ow and days you could look on Wikipedia, find a wikia, or talk on a forum/whatever and find out the storyline to a prior game and not really need to play it. If you do, you're mainly playing it for the experience or to say that you played it as opposed to the experience and the story.

...that also goes into the thing of comparing games now to games prior on a whole as opposed to comparing particular parts of a game or a gaming generation to parts from this generation.


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RE2, although RE1 is very close due to the fact that I think a spooky huge mansion in the middle of the forest is a much better setting than the ones in RE2. Nemesis was not as good as the first 2 even though the concept of being stalked by Nemesis was pretty great and had/has lots of potential.


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The best resident evil 3 game that I played has definitely got to be Resident evil 3 nemesis. I enjoyed its boss and improved effects. The fact that my friends and I would literally crap ourselves might have made the game a little more enjoyable than it actually was
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