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Best large screen 4k projector for PS5 gaming (mid range budged)


New Member
I'm reading lots of good reviews about OPTOMA UHD38, super fast input lag but not sure about the video quality of the games? It fits my budged perfectly!

Could you please tell me if I'm in the right direction? Any other suggestions or comments please?


New Member
My view is that no projector, whether it's native 4K or pixel shift can do the new consoles true justice. I don't think any have 2.1 HDMI input, none have true HDR. Better to go with a smaller proper panel than a big sub-par image in my opinion but if you go with a projo, if you cannot find a NATIVE 4K unit, don't bother. The whole point of the PS5 is lost on lower end projos. If you do that, just keep using a PS4. Don't wanna sound like some elite here but honestly, I know you wanna work within your budget but a panel will give you much better performance all around.


New Member
Thank you for your inputs! I tend to agree with you as I also did a lot of research already!

I know within my budged I can't find the perfect option, so will appreciate if you also give some comments about:

Optoma UHD38

Or similar alternatives as this will be my choice probably :)...
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