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Battlefield Hardline has been leaked.


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The next Battlefield game has reportedly been leaked, and titled "Battlefield Hardline"


Apparently, this game will be a class based "cops and robbers" theme.

The leak began with the discovery on the Better Battlelog forums of an initialism for a Battlefield game, "BFH," listed for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The forum poster also discovered four soldier classes: Enforcer, Mechanic, Operator and Professional.

Soon afterward, web developer Koen Vlaswinkel obtained the logo above from the Battlelog website, seemingly confirming the game's title as Battlefield Hardline, and posted it on his personal site. Vlaswinkel and the Battlefield Daily Twitter account also posted artwork and icons that mention the two sides in the game, SWAT and Thieves, and modes such as Blood Money and Heist.

- Polygon

It also appears that Dead Space studio Visceral Games will be taking the helm for this title.

SO what do you guys think?


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Interesting for sure but so much for EA not releasing BF games every year (its due this year) then like Activision with CoD.
BF4 was released last year and now we get another one?.Just like CoD.
Or,is this something different maybe? Like a 'special' BF title?

edit: UPDATE:
More info has been given due to the leaked vid.

gamespot said:
-Heist features the robbers breaking into a bank vault to secure as much loot as possible before staging a getaway.
-Rescue has SWAT teams work to save hostages, in a mode that looks similar a a round of Counter-Strike.
-Hotwire is all about vehicle chases.
-Bloodmoney has the two forces fighting to secure a massive pile of cash and return it to their respective safehouse.

The single-player campaign revolves around young Miami detective Nick Mendoza, and features an episodic structure designed to mimic a TV drama, following a campaign where Mendoza chases his old partners across the country, who appears to go rogue after stumbling upon a stash of cocaine worth $9.9 million.

The narrated video also mentions that the enemy AI has been completely redesigned, and that the levels are more open than in Battlefield 4. Destruction is said to be even more prominent--the word leveloution is used--and there's a big emphasis on gadgets across the campaign and multiplayer. Yes, there are tasers, as well as zip lines and grappling hooks.


This title is due later this year.
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Hmm, it seems interesting. It's not like your typical Battlefield title. But then, why does it have the Battlefield tag? It's not even a DICE game anyway. It seems more like a spinoff to me and something for BF fans to get while DICE works on BC3 or BF5. I wonder how people will react to the (probably) smaller maps.


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I guess it a diff take on BF but honestly,I like the military themed BF games,I mean..its Battlefield..it MUST be a military themed game.Right? lol
Still,cant judge yet,it may turn out quite good. Hope both the SP campaign and MP are good.
Seeing as Dice are not doing it,will also be another reason to see how it turns out.
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