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Battlefield 4 - Single Player Story Trailer


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This applies to PS3 too really but better to post here in PS4 dedicated section so:



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This is amazing, i was wathcing the 17 minute version earlier and OMG! the graphics are amazing. The muddy water at 6:20 is the best ive ever seen. I seriously cant wait for this game.


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Is this running on a console or on the PC? It seems too good for a console of this generation. Maybe it was on the PS4?
Still, i don't think the single player campaign is something to be excited for on a Battlefield game.


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Is this running on a console or on the PC? It seems too good for a console of this generation. Maybe it was on the PS4?
Still, i don't think the single player campaign is something to be excited for on a Battlefield game.

I don't think anyone is ever looking forward to singleplayer campaigns of modern shooters. I don't even know why they include them at all, most people don't even bother playing. Plus they don't put nearly as much effort into the gameplay, and it typically ends up being a "look what we can do with our engine" sightseeing tour.


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I dont mind them. And if they didnt include one in a full price bought hard copy of a game Id feel ripped off.


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This looks amazing. I'm glad that the PS4 is getting 900p as oppose to the 720p that the Xbox One is getting. That Dice engine will be looking pretty spectacular on the brand spanking new Playstation 4. I can't wait! Personally I too, feel ripped off if there is no Singleplayer. I don't know if anyone ever bought MAG but it was a multiplayer only game- the multiplayer experience had it's ups and downs but I felt like the game was unpolished and that a singleplayer mode would have helped. A single player arena with bots in is also good for when the internet goes down xD
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