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Audio issues


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I bought a PS4 about three weeks ago, which then led to me having to get a new TV since it was not compatible with the previous TV. I bought the PS4 Turtle Beach cable so it could obviously work with my X12s for the PS4, but for some reason when I play a game the sound comes out of the left ear and only faint sound comes from the right. I figured it was just a headset issue, but I used it on my computer and both sides work perfectly. I tampered with the Sound/Audio settings and it doesn't help. So it led me to assume it was possibly an issue with the new television I bought, but then I was told sound quality won't always be the same on a TV or PC. Basically I'm confused as hell and don't know what to do exactly. If I have to ship this TV in or if it may just be an older headset not being as effective with a newer TV. Sorry for the wall of text. Any tips would be helpful!


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I doubt the television is the problem, although you should double check your televisions settings and the settings for the PS4. I'd chalk this one up to being a software issue or possibly a user error rather than a hardware failure. You already tested the headset on a PC and it worked after all. If you have to, use the warranty on the headset if it's still active because that's the easiest thing to replace, and you won't miss it more than the television or the console.


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I had called about the TV settings and little could be done. I've had the headset for well over a year though, so that sadly isn't an option. Do you think a newer headset could mitigate the issues? I personally hate Turtle Beach headsets so I would be all for going for a different company, but only if there's a good chance I won't face this issue again.
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