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Assassin's Creed Unity - Trophy Guide

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This guide includes all 51 trophies (base game). 1 platinum, 1 gold, 13 silver, 36 bronze.

Master assassin
Earn every trophy.
You will obtain this trophy once you got all the other 50 trophies.
A long time ago
Complete the prologue.
This is the first trophy you will get by playing the game. Impossible to miss it.
Youth in Versailles
Complete memory sequence 1.
If you need the trophy I want it all, necessary for the the Platinum, you must complete the sequence with 100% of sync, by accomplishing all secondary duties requested. Such rule is valid for all 12 memory sequences.
Complete memory sequence 2.
First blood
Complete memory sequence 3.
La court des miracles
Complete memory sequence 4.
The root of evil
Complete memory sequence 5.
Secret meeting
Complete memory sequence 6.
Mystery solved
Complete memory sequence 7.
Bloody trail
Complete memory sequence 8.
Road to starvation
Complete memory sequence 9.
Love and duty
Complete memory sequence 10.
Down but not out
Complete memory sequence 11.
Curtain call
Complete memory sequence 12.
No Man's land
Complete all rift missions.
Rift missions are shown on the map of Paris by icons similar to the image on the left. To accomplish a rift mission you have 3 minutes to collect as much points as you can, by running on colored floating objects. Blue for 10 points, yellow for 20 points, green for 50 points. You have to stop a few seconds on the green objects because they need to be decrypted first. You can get points also by killing enemies (20 points) when they're available on the field. Once you reach enough points, you will have to free a trapped assassin and then jump into a rift to end the challenge. So, run, jump, be quick and avoid to loose time.
Needs more data
Earn data bonuses in 3 different rift missions.
Once you free the assassin in a rift mission, you should have still time to collect more points until you reach an amount, enough to earn a bonus. Get 3 bonuses in 3 different missions to earn this trophy.
Free a total of 10 trapped assassins.
To earn this trophy you will have to free 10 assassins in 10 rift missions. If you are in trouble, just repeat the same rift mission 10 times and you will get it.
Blade in the crowd
Kill 100 enemies.
This trophy will come just by playing and killing enemies. Once you reach 100th kill, the trophy is yours.
I want it all
Complete all challenges in single player missions.
In order to earn this trophy, you have to end all 12 memory sequences with a synchronization of 100%. It is not too difficult if you pay attention. Every memory sequence can be repeated infinite times and the challenges are cumulative. It means that you don't have to re-obtain them if you already got them before.
Renovate your first social club.
Social clubs are shown on the map of Paris by red icons (houses). To earn this trophy it's enough to reach one of them and to buy (renovate) the building. When you renovate a club, you also increase your money revenue, which can be collected in the Café Theatre, by opening the green chest. Every renovated club will also give you 3 new missions to accomplish.
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An old internet meme
Renovate all the social clubs and complete all the social club missions.
Everytime you buy a social club, you will have 3 new missions to accomplish. Finish them all for every club to get this trophy.
Falling from the sky
Perform 10 air kills.
This is a very easy trophy to earn. Just assassinate 10 enemies by jumping from above. When the victim glows in red color, press square to jump and kill him/her. The best spots to perform an airkill are the ropes between the buildings.
From the past
Unlock the medieval armor in the Café Theatre.
This is probably the most difficult trophy to earn. At first, you must solve all 18 Nostradamus enigmas. Then you have to open 3 rooms, located downstairs in the Café Theatre. To open the first room you need 4 complete Nostradamus enigmas, for the second Room 10 Nostradamus enigmas and for the last all 18 enigmas. Once you solved all enigmas and opened all rooms, the cage surrounding the medieval armor will open. Good luck! :)
The baguette boyband
Complete a Co-op mission in Paris.
To earn this trophy you have to accomplish one Co-op mission. The co-op missions can be done also without fellows so, if you want to finish a co-op mission alone, you will get the trophy anyway.
Complete all trainings.
When you are in the Café Theatre, if you go upstairs, you will find the training room. Go to the man sitting on a chair in a corner of the room and ask for a training. To get this trophy you have to end all training sessions.
Gentleman cambrioleur
Lockpic 20 chests.
On the map of Paris you will see a grat number of chests (white, red, yellow and blue). To earn this trophy you have to open 20 red chests, by using your picklocks. You must also have the picklock ability. There are 3 different levels of skill required to open the red chests, from 1 (easy) to 3 (hard).
Open every chest in Paris.
To earn the trophy you must open all white and red chests in Paris. Yellow and blue chests are not necessary to get this trophy. It's easy to get but you need to reveal the whole map and to get close to every chest in order to see it on the map.
Collect all cockades.
A simple trophy that you get when all cockades both in Paris and in Versailles are collected.
Tip: under the ingame menu options/e-store you can use your Helix credits to buy some saving-time packages which allow to show on the map all points of interest.
Visited once
Complete all Co-op and Heist missions in Paris at least once.
There are two types of multiplayer missions in AC Unity: co-op and heists. You have to complete them all at least once to earn this trophy. Except for a mission named The tournament, all other missions can be done alone, with no fellows.
Business and pleasure
Earn a total of 50.000 livres.
This trophy will be earned automatically by playing the game, with no effort at all, just requires time to accomplish but no special skill is required.
And stay down!
Perform a ground execution.
Getting this trophy is very easy but you need two abilities to perform it: dodging and ground execution. Both can be unlocked in the ability menu, as soon as you have sync points enough. While in combat, press X key to make a dodging (the enemy falls down) then press square key to perform a groud execution. Done, the trophy is yours. Dodging ability doesn't work with strong armoured enemies.
Panoramic view
Synchronize all viewpoints in Paris.
To get this trophy just climb every viewpoint shown on the map, sync it with circle key in order to reveal the whole map. Sync points are show on the map also if the map is not completely revealed.
Help me!
Complete 10 Crowd Events.
Crowd events will occur often by free roaming in Paris. They consist of killing some criminals, grabbing thieves and helping poor people. Once you have accomplished 10 of them, you earn this trophy. Keep on doing crowd events in order to win livres.
Hand of justice
Solve a murder mystery in Paris.
Murder misteries are quite challenging missions, where you are asked to interrogate witnesses in order to find the guilty of an omicide. To get this trophy is enough to solve one of them. There are no other trophies related to this kind of missions.
Ransacking Versailles
Earn 100% completion of Versailles.
Go to Versailles (shown on the map like an icon with a V inside) and open all chests, take all coat-of-arms, all cockades and revela all viewpoints. Once done, the trophy is yours.
Accurate prediction
Complete a Nostradamus enigma in Paris.
To earn this trophy you only need to complete one of the Nostradamus enigmas, which consist in discovering strange symbols (eagle eye) by following written hints. If you want the Platinum you must solve all 18 enigmas.
Don't need it
Drop 20 money pouches in the streets.
As a defense kit, you have a number of pouches that contain money, which can be thrown on the street. Once the pouch is broken, all coins spread on the ground by attracting a lot of people. Use such little crowd to hide from enemies and plan your attack. Do it 20 times and this trophy is yours.
Patron of the arts
Watch a play in the Café Theatre.
By improving your Café Theatre you will be able to watch a play in the main room. When you notice it going, just get close to the stage (Arno changes position and crosses his arms) and wait a few minutes until the trophy message pops up.
Share the wealth
Get all the rewards in a Co-op mission in Paris.
Under each co-op missions there are equipment awards. To get this trophy, you need to have a tick by each of those rewards. You just need to keep replaying the same mission untill you get all rewards.
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Safe and secure
Perform all social club missions in a district.
Once you renovate a social club, 3 new missions will be available. Complete all 3 missions to get this trophy.
Room with a view
Enjoy the view of Paris from Arno's balcony.
When you are in Café Theatre, go upstairs and enter Arno's room, go out to the balcony and get close to the shore. Arno will put his hand on the shore and after a few seconds the trophy message will pop up.
Kill 20 enemies with a long weapon.
A very easy trophy you will get after you have killed 20 enemies with a long weapon.
Kill 20 enemies with a heavy weapon.
A very easy trophy you will get after you have killed 20 enemies with a heavy weapon.
Master architect
Complete all the renovations of the Café Theatre.
As you accomplish the Café Theatre missions, some improvements will be available to be purchased. You can do it in the room where you green chest is. Embellish the Café Theatre completely to win this trophy.
Kill an enemy with a lift counterweight.
There are a lot of lifts in Paris that allow you to jump on roofs very quickly. Be sure to attract a group of enemies close to one lift, then jump on it. The conterweight will do the rest, by mashing your enemy on the ground. So, happy mashing!
Never say die
Revive a partner in co-op.
During a co-op mission, one of your fellows could die. Get close to him and hold the circle key to revive him. Once done, the trophy is yours.
Merciful killer
Perform 10 non-lethal takedowns in a co-op mission.
Any enemy can be killed or simply taken down by holding the circle key (instead of the square key) when he glows in red. Do it 10 timec in a co-op mission in order to earn this trophy.
Perform 10 co-op sync kills.
You will need a fellow to do this during a co-op mission. You friend and you must get close to the enemy together and perform the kill together, by pressind the square key ate the same time. Do it 10 times to win this trophy.
The bells! The bells!
Sabotage 5 alarm bells in Paris.
A very easy trophy to obtain by sabotaging 5 bells. Bells are everywhere in Paris and also shown on the map.
Must've left it open
Lockpick 5 doors.
This is a very easy trophy to earn. You get it by lockpicking 5 locked doors, located everywhere in Paris.
I got skills
Unlock all skills.
The only way to get this trophy is by collecting all sync points. Sync points are available during single player missions (memory sequences) and co-op missions (heists excluded). You really have to collect them all. Once you have done it, you will be able to unlock all your skills and to win this trophy.
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