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Assassin's Creed series WILL END... one day.


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The game director of the upcoming Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Ashraf Ismail has stated that Ubisoft has an end mapped out for the Assassin's Creed series.

"We have multiple development teams, then we have the brand team that sits on top and is filled with writers and designers concerned with the series' overall arc. So there is an overall arc, and each iteration has its place inside this.

"We have an idea of where the end is, what the end is. But of course Yves (the boss of Ubisoft) announced we are a yearly title, we ship one game a year. So depending on the setting, depending on what fans want, we've given ourselves room to fit more in this arc. But there is an end."

So there you have it!

Source: Assassin's Creed series has an end, confirms Black Flag game director | News | PC Gamer


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I think that's the best news we've had about the Assassins Creed franchise up to date. Revelations and AC3 have just gone way overboard and Black Flag looks like a further mockery. This series needs to die very quickly. Let them work on something new and hope that they don't mess that up too.


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That's actually pretty cool. I'm not aware of many titles that announce an end. I think most of them just make the story go on and on every sequel and it's so expected that I haven't really given much thought as to if any of those stories have or will ever end.


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I reckon Watch Dogs will become the next franchise to take over Assassin's Creed. Could be wrong though.


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While I have never played any of the AC games before, only saw some gameplay videos, I do think it should be the end of them as well. Sequel after sequel is just too much. I think 3 sequels is good enough, just like the Bioshock series, but I'm not sure if Infinite is the last one. People grow tired of the same game after a while. It's about time they start developing something new.


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You know, I'll believe it when I see it. They can say that all they want now. But if this series continues to be profitable, they WILL find a way to keep going with it.

Either that, or they'll pull a "this version is ending" and attempt to start the series over.


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Every game has a end but i'm hoping not soon for Assassins Creed its a great game and very unique there are no others like it, i'm really hoping they end with a amazing game which will be playable for years to come, lets all hope its not soon since this is one of my favourite games.


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Even though I like the Assassin's Creed series, I guess its good news that the series will end some day. This likely means the next few games will have alot of work into it, because they only have a few more years to profit off the game. Hopefully they make a few more and the last one leaves a great legacy for the series.


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I'm optimistic about AC4, though AC3 was a bit of a step back. AC did save Ubisoft during their financial dark days, but I'm glad they have a lot more going for them now these day and can afford to retire their flagship franchise. I don't want them milking it dry into the ground with the pressure of an annual release like other game franchises. Let it go with some dignity.


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Well finaly I mean the had a decent run right guys, sure it started to totter off a bit recently but maybe they can pick it up again before it's over.


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Really, that's great news! I wish they don't stretch the AC franchise so much and even beyond Black Flag. Watch Dogs will definitely be the next franchise but I expect something new. Why not make a new Prince of Persia game again like Warrior Within? It would be be awesome. Games these days are more of a series for no reason but lacks in creativity or innovation. Indie game developers are the ones who change the game and I wish big companies follow their steps, at least with the next gen of consoles!


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I hope it does, otherwise it would become stale like CoD.

I think that the series already is stale. Just look at Brotherhood and Revelations, it's essentially AC2 all over again. AC3 was just a mockery as well, the storyline is totally butchered. The game has to die, and very soon.


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Which day Ubisoft, which day? I find this statement as a measure to assuage the annihilated fanbase and to let them know that there will be an end with Assassins creed 16. Seriously, this series could use an overdue break.


Professional Escapologist
Just like Call of Duty. I sometimes wonder if they will manage to pass Final Fantasy in number of sequels, because with this rhythm, i am pretty sure they will.


My name is Adam.
With CoD predictably making a new game every year, they'll overtake final fantasy very soon. Difference is FF puts a lot more time and effort into their games. AC is just like CoD now, nothing new.


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With CoD predictably making a new game every year, they'll overtake final fantasy very soon. Difference is FF puts a lot more time and effort into their games. AC is just like CoD now, nothing new.

I would respectfully disagree with you here. I don't like how blatantly people say that AS is like COD. Yes they both are annual franchises now, but AS is far far better than the hackneyed COD series. I for one am optimistic about AS 4? Anyone with me on this?


My name is Adam.
Assassins Creed is repeating the same hack and slash formula like dynasty warriors once did. The only difference is CoD uses guns.
The storyline in AC has kind of fell by the wayside, personally.


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That would be neutral news for any Assassin Creed fans. I have never really been into Assassin's Creed, because it just wasn't my type of game. Although I had always heard nothing but good reviews about it. All of my friends would frequently tell me about just how great this game was. With what I just read, the new upcoming Assassin's Creed Black Flag is sure to not be the end of the series.
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