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Assassin’s Creed 4: Freedom Cry standalone out now on PS4 & PS3


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Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry is out now on PlayStation formats, continuing the story of Edward Kenway’s first mate Adewale.

Ubisoft confirmed that Freedom Cry is out now on Sony formats, and will be followed by the PC edition on February 25. It’s not coming to Xbox formats.

The DLC is also available for Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, but you can download the pack as a standalone release if you prefer. It sees Adewale shipwrecked in Haiti and sees him smashing the most savage slavery ring in the West Indies. He gets his own ship and crew, along with a full suite of Assassin abilities.


I still need to buy AC4! Trouble is I've noticed that second-hand game prices for the PS4 are still around £45-£50, but that's a different matter :eek:


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Im in the middle of AC4 right now, and I love it! I am about 55% through the story. This additional content looks BadAss!!! I can't wait to play it!!!


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Nice that it can be played without the need for AC BF game.
So,I have havent got Black Flag and was wondering to those that bought this your opinions?
Ive read a bit on IGN but wanna know ps4forum members opinions too.

Is it worth the OK price? Its around 5 hours worth of play,does that sound right to you guys?


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Idk, I am not all that good at playing video games, and I have "desyncronized", (a lot), but I love this game. I have played the first AC and didnt really get into it, and then just avoided the other ones, but I received this one as a gift, and I really enjoy it. I have put probably 30-40 hours into it, and am still enjoying every minute. Granted, a lot of my time is spent messing around doing side missions, and just hunting, or harpooning, or taking down ships for the fun of it. I have not played the online multiplayer yet, I am not really into that... And sadly I don't have anyone on my friends list (mostly because I dont really play online much). But I really enjoy the single player campaign. Just my personal opinion...


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I bought this after it was announced but I got it with black flag as I have the game. Personally I'm very happy with the game. It offers a well lined out mini story and you learn the fate of a few things that were left out of the main game. It also highlights the slavery of that time and is quite accurate history wise. The gameplay is as smooth as black flag and for those wanting a taste of the AC world then this is the game for you.


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The standalone game is great. I was really excited to see that all of the Naval Combat was still intact. You can still battle ships, and board them to take their cargo.

The only issue I have with the game is the on foot combat is a little more difficult because instead of being able to carry 4 pistols that you can use to take out 4 enemies in succession, you have a shotgun with only one shot. Though, if you get good with it, you can use it to take down four guys if their standing close together.


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Originally about AUD $25 on the AUS PSN store it's just had a price drop to AUD $14.34 so Id thought Id give it a try.
I really only played the very first Assassins Creed through so thought Id try the PS4 version of this.
And being a PS+ member I payed a bit less,only AUD $12.92 so at that price its gotta be OK :)
8GB or so though,will take a me a while to download it.


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I've observed that Freedom Cry as an Add-on instead of a stand-alone is cheaper. What's the difference if you buy it as an add-on and as a stand-alone game? Besides of course the fact that you have to have the full game on the add-on.


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Never mind AC4, I still need to play 3, and...the second sequel to 2. I can't remember if it's Revelations or Brotherhood. I've fallen quite behind in my AC games of late for some reason.


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I still need to buy AC4! Trouble is I've noticed that second-hand game prices for the PS4 are still around £45-£50, but that's a different matter :eek:

Well none of the games have been out that long, give them a chance! :p second hand game companies are probably just seeing how long they can keep next gen game prices as high as possible before they consider lowering them. Still cheaper than full price though- check the internet for the best prices.
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