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Are you going to take time off of work to play PS4?


New Member
I'm actually going to request off for 2 work days so that I can settle in with my PS4 during the debut week. I wouldn't have done it if there were not so many titles available at launch. Is anyone else planning on taking time off from school or work to play their PS4 when it is first released? I know that I'm not the only one out there that plans on doing this.


, , The Enforcer, ,
Sounds good,and would if I could (well,if I really want to I could) but for the moment I cant.
Ill just take the time to check it out and play as I do now,nights and during times on the weekends.


Simply put, no. I see no reason to. I am only getting one game at a launch, Watchdogs, which to me does not merit vacation day use. However, I might use a day or two when Destiny rolls out.


New Member
I dont think I will. Gaming is an escape to me, so if i did it for two days straight I'd grow bored of it quickly. I never really understood why people enjoyed finishing games super quickly. To me that takes away from the story in a way, gives it less time to sink in.

Sure that lets you get to the multiplayer mode faster but it also gives developers a reason to focus less on the storyline and more on multiplayer features.


New Member
I agree, I will more than likely just wait till I have some spare free time. Although I am more than likely going to play the Playstation 4 on its release date. I just will wait till I have a great escape to actually play.


New Member
Probably not. I have a lot of money to make and a lot of games to play, but I got to put them in priority. I think it'll be awesome around christmas and through winter. There'll be plenty of time for some great sessions. I think there will also be a lot of updating and that might suck. Might as well go to work while that first day update downloads.


I Shall Finish The Game
I am taking off launch day, November 15th which happens to fall on a Friday. That also gives me the weekend to get to explore the system.


New Member
It's tempting, but I won't. I can always play after work, so i'm in no rush to play. If you wait after work, the feeling of playing it afterwards is so much better.


New Member
Fortunately, I work from home and am self employed, so I don't really have to ask permission from a boss to get some time to play it. However, I'm not really that excited to check it out, specially since I have lots of games left to be played on my PS3. So I guess I'll just start getting excited to play the PS4 when I'm completely done with my PS3 games queue.


New Member
Well I will have a 2 months off after college finishes and before I join at work, so I won't really have to take time off as such. The PS4 came out at a prefect time for me. I'll be buying it right after college ends and right before I join a full time job.


New Member
Im probably going to call like a day off to play with the PS4 all day but I don't think it warrants getting a week off for the PS4. It would be fun to play it all day with some other friends that are doing the same but I find that the novelty doesn't last. It's going to be pretty boring after like 6 hours of playing I feel.


New Member
Im probably going to call like a day off to play with the PS4 all day but I don't think it warrants getting a week off for the PS4. It would be fun to play it all day with some other friends that are doing the same but I find that the novelty doesn't last. It's going to be pretty boring after like 6 hours of playing I feel.

Ha-ha. Nobody said they were going to take an entire week off unless I skipped over a post. I wonder how many people are going to call in sick when the new consoles are released. I'm trying to convince a few friends to take off on that day too so that I'm not all alone in my man cave.


New Member
I am self employed and so I will have plenty of time for playing games on the upcoming Playstation 4. I presently spend about two hours daily playing games on my present Playstation 3 and I am certainly going to increase this playing time for the Playstastion 4.


New Member
I have yet to take time off work for gaming. As much as I love my consoles and the games, it can always wait a day for me. I work hard to play hard. So nope-I won't be taking the day off when either console is launched!


New Member
As much as I would like to take some time off, it's not possible at all in my case. My boss would not allow it.


Professional Escapologist
Seeing how i don't have a job right now, i think the decision ends up on my friend who is going to buy the console on launch day. If he decides to take the day off from work, then i will be with him to play some.


New Member
I'd like to do that .....
But I do not think I dare. If I want to play my PS4, I'll wait until the end of my work day.
When I think about those details, it makes me want to get my console earlier.

Anyway, the video game should not take too much space in our lives. It is a means of entertainment like any other. But it's still the best.


New Member
I would think this would happen for a new game more than a new console. I wouldnt recommend doing it as youll always have time to play it later and its not worth losing valuable work time and reputation just to play a game.

The Unlosing Ranger

Mighty Strike-Out Slugger
Nah. I don't even have a job and I'm only going to college one day a week anyway. AND I'm not getting a PS4 anytime soon because I don't have the money...
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