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Are you excited for Thief?


New Member
As the thread title says, are you thrilled for thief to come out? And why?

Personally, I really love games that include stealth missions, example - Dishonored. It was a really fun game, and I'm hoping that thief would be an even better version of it! The release date is TBA 2014 (US), I'm guessing Spring of 2014, I can't wait! :)


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I think Thief is now due for Feb 2014.

I can't wait as this game seems like a very quality game.


New Member
I'll check out some videos after the games release. So far I'm not excited, what does Thief have that no other game has? I'm still waiting for a true nextgen game.

Looks like The Division will be the only real nextgen title if it even comes out in 2014.


New Member
Yes! Stealth games are really awesome, at least for me, I get a huge adrenaline because I can't get caught.
And this one is one exception, I'm looking forward to play it!


New Member
The buzz around this game on IGN and social media is no joke, this will be another massive hit this year, I saw videos of gameplay from CES, and it looks great, I really wanted to see more of the combat engine though, depending on how the reviews go, I'm definitely grabbing a copy


New Member
I am excited and that worries me since it can end up being very disappointing. While the latest previews say the gameplay has improved, the earlier previews said the game was a disaster. We will have to wait and see.


New Member
I'm not familiar with this franchise, so I'm not certain if it is something I would be into. Is the concept going to be "sneak in here, steal *that*, and sneak back out"? If so, wouldn't that get extremely boring and repetitive? Like I stated before. I know nothing about the franchise, other than the recent videos I've seen.
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