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Anyone still looking for a PS5?


Sniper Kitten
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I got mine back in July. It sucks they're still so hard to get. When I got mine I was working part time so I had time on my hands. You can follow Twitter stock alerts for restocks. I personally didn't. I used an app on my phone called HotStock. It was actually fantastic. It alerts you ahead of time when a stock drop is happening as long as you enable push notifications. It sent me push notifications way ahead of time and it was accurate. Then you can set up your browsers and apps or whatnot to make sure you get one. I got mine within several stock drops (admittedly, I missed a few because I was working in front of my boss. Sure, I could have "taken a poop" but I'm too much of a goody two shoes sometimes lol). I told a friend about this app and he got his PS5 within a week.


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Back in November I registered at the Sony playstation website with an email to get in the queue for an email invite from Sony when they have an event to buy a PS5 console.

Last weekend I finally got an email from Sony giving me an invite for Monday at 11AM (my local time) so just before 11AM yesterday I used the link to get in the queue. Took about 25min till they let me place an order and I was successful! Ordered a PS5 digital console for the regular price, not those super high scalper prices on ebay! Took 2 months though. I got email confirmation and expect it to be shipped today and hopefully delivered later this week. I also added a 1 month PS Pro subscription for $10 on the order that eliminated any shipping fee (would have been $13 shipping otherwise).
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