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Anyone hear from sony is the ps4 will be delivered on nov 15


New Member
I preordered mine on July 25 and still have heard nothing they did give me overnight shipping free at that time. Just wondering who else ordered the ps4 from Sony


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I preordered mine on July 25 and still have heard nothing they did give me overnight shipping free at that time. Just wondering who else ordered the ps4 from Sony
Just got an email from Sony my Ps4 is on its way I will receive it tomorrow. Oh Yea


My name is Adam.
congrats good man. Despite my annoyance with Americans always getting things first, enjoy!


New Member
I pre-ordered mine via Amazon, and I've already been told by Amazon that they shipped it out to me today using next-day delivery. It should be arriving some time tomorrow, and knowing how things go with their deliveries to my place it will probably be early in the morning, sometimes even before I wake up.


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You are lucky to receive the PS4 right out.
I would like to have it now, but I think I'll have later.

You we will share your first impressions.
This console will soon be mine!

One thing for sure is that we will hear a lot about out of stock during the first weeks following the console output. Then, I think Sony will come to recalibrate.

It was at this moment that I have my console my hands on Battlefield 4. hehe!


New Member
Would be cool if EVERYONE got their ps4's on November 15th. They should have shipped them out a week ago to everyone. Either way, you lucky dudes are getting a ps4 while dear ol Panda bear will still be on his ps3 :(
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