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Anyone else serious excited for this game?


New Member
I know that the hardcore Battlefront 2 fans will be excited for this release, but for me (someone who maybe played it a couple of times on my PS2) I am really looking forward to playing this game on the next-gen consoles. I have heard numerous rumours about the game like the idea of being able to fly into space from land, and massive multiplayer battles, but I am truly looking forward to maybe reliving some of my childhood memories. Is this just me or are there others who share my view?

I am a bit, but not that much, it's mostly nostalgia and hope for a galactic conquest mode. Not really too into online deathmatch shooters, so we'll see.


New Member
I'm no longer a fan of Star Wars. If I were still a kid, I would probably have been super excited about this game. But now that I'm 28, I no longer have the urge to go out and buy this game. I now find galactic shooters boring. But we'll see what the next gen game has to offer. As of now, I'm setting my sights on other games like Driveclub, MGS5 and Killzone.


New Member
I am tired of first person shooter games and shooters in general. I know this is an unpopular opinion shared by very few, but everyone of them has the exact same mechanic.. the exact same feel to them. I never feel like I'm playing a different game if I play two different FPS's- the only difference can be the engine. Star Wars Battlefront is a unique shooter though- I still play it sometimes, it has a way of roping me in, something about it has a lot more substance than most shooters. If the new Battlefront follows the pattern that its predecessors did, then I would love to play the game.
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