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Anyone else having issues with standby mode?


New Member
When I put my PS4 in standby mode and try to switch it back on, nothing really happens. I end up having to either unplug it or hold down the power button until it fully shuts down enable to power it back up.
Has anyone else had this issue?


I Shall Finish The Game
No. everything seems to be working fine. If it is happening all the time I would shut down the system completely and unplug it for a bit. That should do a soft reset I would think.


New Member
Standby mode isn't really a need for me. I'm fine with completely shutting it down. I was just curious if anyone else has had the issue or has found a fix.


New Member
So, my problem is that each and every time I put my PS4 in standby mode or when turning it on from standby mode I have no wifi connection at all. When it is back on from stand by mode I try to reset up the internet because it is not working like I said and it is not even able to scan for any wifi networks at all, so the way I temporally fix the problem is by turning the system fully off and then immediately turning it back on and then it automatically connects me to the internet and the PSN once it's back on. The error code I keep getting for this is "E-80411302" (no quotation marks), so does any know what is going on? Does one have a full fix for this? I have not been able to find any help for this problem via searching on Google or the official PS Forums or any other site as well. Also, when I call sony I have to wait for over 30 minuets to even speak to any one and then they end up not having any idea about my problem at all and they just give me a basic general fix(number 6 in safe mode) that supposable is a fix for a lot of different things that should fix any problems, witch in this case does not help at all.


New Member
Nope, like some of the others,I have never had this problem either.However, I have been experiencing the same issue of nothing happening when I turn on netflix and am somehow disconnected from the ps4 network.The ps4 freezes and then I can literally do nothing at all aside from pulling the plug (which I hate to do).If I were you I would bring back the ps4 and get a new one just in case the hardware is damaged.


New Member
I have the exact same problem with standby mode on my PS4 also. Put the console in standby mode and it blinks white for a few then shuts off. When I go to turn it back on, it blinks white and just hangs. Have to unplug the console to get it to come back up normally (or course it then has to run a safe mode recovery also before booting up). Very annoying. I've read that it could be an issue if you replace the hard drive but mine is completely stock. Haven't been able to put it in standby mode since I got around Christmas.

No other issues with the console (have played for hours at a time without incident) so I'm not inclined to think it's hardware related.


New Member
I have only put mine in standby mode once, while downloading a free game, but it came back on without any problems.


New Member
I have never shut mine off since release day, I always put it in standby mode. No problems at all yet!


New Member
I had the same issues and went through weeks of troubleshooting. Finally bit the bullet and called sony. They were quick with a replacement and now mine has been working great for almost a week now.

I hope I didn't jinx myself lol
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