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Anyone else buy the Logitech Harmony device for PS3 ond biw cabt yse use it wiith ps4


New Member
I bought two of the Logitech adaptors that translates IR to Bluetooth so the Harmony remotes can control multimedia playback with the Universal remote as I would rather m DS4 be charging rather than controlling vide playback.

I used one PS3 for gaming and sometimes watch movies on one tv but the one in Living room is 90% for playing BDs or DVDs. I d0ont see why Logitech device cant make their BT to IR adaptor work with without Logitech adaptor. It also is annoying that Sony didn't put and IR sensor into the PS4 as they received plenty of complaints on the PS3 for not having IR support.

Does anyone else know wether notnot Logitech is going to support the PS4 with the adaptor or come up with a new adaptor for the PS4?



New Member
Do you have a ps4 now? I have a Logitech adapter, but it's hooked up to the ps3. Do you want me to test it on my ps4?


New Member
Do you have a ps4 now? I have a Logitech adapter, but it's hooked up to the ps3. Do you want me to test it on my ps4?

Yes I have a PS4 and it does not work with it. You don't hook the Logitech IR to Bluetooth up to anything. You just plug it in near your PS3 and it converts IR to Bluetooth and worked perfectly on my two ps3s for many years.

I just refuse to pay Logitech another $100 dollars for an adaptor just for the PS4. Also, I think it sucks that Sony does not include a IR adaptor in it. That would add a whole $1.00 onto the build cost.

I did order a $20 remote that is being released in December to allow me to control all the video playing without using the DS4 but it may not get a lot of use if the PS4 does not have DNLA support added in a firmware upgrade.
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