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Any gamepads compatible with PS4 Remote Play on Android 9?


New Member
Recently found out that PS4 Remotely Play can be used on some Android devices (It runs great on my Galaxy Note 9), but that Dual Shock 4 Bluetooth won't be compatible till Android 10.

For us, Android 10 is just a month or two away (hopefully), so it's not too far off. But in the mean time there's just no way I can play with the on-screen buttons. I purchased a couple of 8Bitdo two years ago specifically for my android devices (and laptop) 'cause onscreen controls just arn't happening. I have spent a day and a half searching for any info on if there are any gamepads supported by PS4 Remote Play for Android.

I tried connecting PS4 DS via cable, nothing.
I tried my 8Bitdo using Bluetooth and Cable, nothing.
I tried my logitech gamepad that is cable only, nothing

The 8Bitdo and the logitech gamepad are both responsive with the android device, just not in PS4 Remote Play.
Are there any options?? Im so anxious to play KH3 on my Galaxy phone.

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