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Any body not purchasing any more games this year?


New Member
Hey guys. This year has been a lovely gaming year for me. I've bought everything I want. Well, far cry 4 looks tempting but that's just about it I got so many games to finish.
Dragon age was mind blowing. Still my favourite game of the year then the last of us.
I've done my job in terms of purchasing all the games I want this year.
Are y'all in the same boat as me? Got all the games you want this year?
My next purchase will be next year, I'll be getting uncharted 4 then the witcher 3 and resident evil. Maybe mortal combat to lol. I'll wait and see.its going to be a good holiday. All these games to my disposal. Haha.

Have a great day guys


Well-Known Member
I'll be grabbing three more games by the end of the year. The Ratchet & Clank Trilogy for the PS Vita, the new Lara Croft game that just came out yesterday and finally, Tales From the Borderlands Episode 1. I love Borderlands :D


New Member
I'll be grabbing three more games by the end of the year. The Ratchet & Clank Trilogy for the PS Vita, the new Lara Croft game that just came out yesterday and finally, Tales From the Borderlands Episode 1. I love Borderlands :D

I saw the new tomb raider. Looks tempting. But I need a review first before purchase. Mind doing that for me mate? Don't want to waste a buck


, , The Enforcer, ,
Dont think there is anything particular Im after this year.
Havent even finished Metro Redux or GTA V on PS4 yet either.

Cpt Blackadder

New Member
getting tomb raider today/tomorrow, and maybe looking at Borderlands/Game of Thrones as well. Apart from that though it could be a while before i buy anything else, until at least Uncharted 4.


The Watcher In The Wings
i still have three little brothers so i wouldnt be surprised if i get far cry, crew and ac unity(nudge nudge) as a gift


, , Darkness, ,
I'll probably pick up some titles that I have always wanted to play but haven't had the time or have been busy with other stuff, but I don't know exactly what yet. I want to check out the stuff telltale games have brought out such as The Walking Dead series and Game of Thrones.

Negative Zero

New Member
I really shouldn't. I've still got Dragon Age and Wolfenstein to finish, as well as Transistor and AC Freedom Cry ready to download. And how can I forget Watch Dogs, which stares pathetically at me from my games shelf every time I go into my office.

So I really shouldn't. But Tales from the Borderlands... it's calling me...
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