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Amazon France leaked Crash Bandicoot


New Member
Okay so we all know the rumor that Crash might be making a comeback. But all it was was a rumor. There was no way to confirm until now. Amazon France has a reputation for leaking information on games way before companies are ready to make an announcement. Now they've removed the listing but not before people got screengrabs of the image. I now give you Crash Bandicoot 4 and it seems legit:

crash 4.jpg


New Member
Man, seriously I can't wait to see a trailer. Hopefully they don't change much but the graphics and cool additions that'll revolutionize the series. Other than that, Classic Crash style would be awesome!


New Member
That is awesome. I hope that they do him justice. I would like to see some of the old mascots get some good games. It seems like only Mario is still relevant and good. Sonic has been so hit or miss lately.


New Member
Sonic has been hit or miss which is a shame. There's not much you have to do with the series from a gameplay point of view. Back to Crash, I'm hoping for classic style. Nothing fancy or anything.


New Member
That's just, awesome!
Glad to see Crash back, it's been so long since I've played a game with him, I have numerous memories of playing the first ones on my Playstation1.
I'm looking forwards to play it! :D


New Member
The first ones on PS1 were the best, it really made something old (platforming) something new with the visuals.

The Unlosing Ranger

Mighty Strike-Out Slugger
Would this be developed by Naughty Dog again or would it be developed by... whoever's been responsible for the modern Crash games?

Regardless, I quite like the art, at least.


New Member
I know that I'm super excited by this though the listing was taken down, probably by Naughty Dog. But at least we know that it's confirmed. If Crash can make a comeback and the game is successful, who knows what else might comeback. It could lead up to a resurgence of old school 90's platformers on the PS4. It could show that games that have to be gritty or real to merit a AAA release.


New Member
The lack of news is driving me crazy because everyone involved has decided to be cute with the news. Either we're getting a new Crash or not, but I just want to know if the game even exists. Really we need Naughty Dog to reply to this because Sony and Activision aren't going to. The most we get out of either of them is some non-commital answers.


New Member
I'm going to throw a fit if they don't figure something out with Crash. Someone just needs to tell us exactly what's going on because no one is giving us a straight answer. Everything that both Sony and Activision say is very noncommital. Nothing that either side can get in trouble for, it's aggravating.


New Member
Please Please don't mess this up devs! I loved the games on PS2, and I hope they don't go the way that many games like this have gone. If they don't then this could be in my top 10 of the year.


New Member
Nice! Good to see it have some semblance of confirmation, at least. Like I said in some previous thread, I'm not a big fan of this title, but I assume that if it's successful then it would mean reboots for a lot of other good PS1 titles and that is certainly appealing to me.


New Member
Ahh, this brings back some memories! The nostalgia is currently strong in me haha. I remember playing other Crash titles with my cousins back on PSX. Those sure were fun games, I'd love to see it back. Especially because standards have changed. With a right mixture of modern and traditional, this could blow big.


New Member
I just don't even know what to do about my feelings on this topic anymore. Anytime we think that we have some kind of confirmation that Crash is back, of course some on comes out to kinda sorta without saying anything definite deny it. It's starting to work my nerves, at this point I'm going to hope for the best.


New Member
That artwork looks so bad (Good in an artistic way) but generally I think if a game like Crash had a remote chance of coming out, we would be hearing of new domains being purchased or the devs will slightly hint it way before announcing it.


New Member
As much as I'd want this to be true (I really do!), I can't help but remember "leaks" such as Grand Theft Auto V having PC and Wii listings on Amazon websites. But if we get another Crash, I'll be the happiest I've ever been in a long time. Just the feel of the original Naughty Dog games is enough to make me have the biggest rush of nostalgia I've ever had. I'm cautious, but really hopeful this is going to become a reality.


New Member
Seems phony to me. The box cover looks like fan art. It's nice but is not up to par with "real" box arts. But it sure would be cool to see another Crash game. It has been more than a decade since I last enjoyed Crash Bandicoot. But I won't believe anything until I see actual gameplay screens and vids.
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