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add drive to my ps5


I want to add a SSD drive to my PS5 so I can have more storage for my PS5 games. Has anyone done this, and what drive/heatsink did you use??


New Member
The WD SN850 model is highly recommended, one of the fastest SSD Gen4 M.2 drives. Available in 500G, 1TB, 2TB sizes:

Be sure to also buy and add a heatsink for it. Like this one.

These drives are still quite expensive, so I'm waiting on that.
I may buy an external 5TB USB drive though if I exhaust the internal storage.

Who Dares Wins

New Member
I want to add a SSD drive to my PS5 so I can have more storage for my PS5 games. Has anyone done this, and what drive/heatsink did you use??
I've just upgraded myself to a m.2 storage which has 1TD if you go to the link below this would be ideal for the ps5



I finally upgraded my internal storage on my PS5. I got a WD_Black SN850 2 TB with heatsink. It works GREAT! Now it's time to load it up with PS5 games...LOL


New Member
What are the benefits to adding drive to a console besides more storage space? Can it be quite pricy? Are there tips for beginners for adding? I love watching Youtube for tutorials & it's nice to have some videos that are recommended!
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