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A Quick Guide to Posting

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A Quick Guide to Posting on PS4Forum.Com.

These are NOT official rules for PS4Forum.Com, just guidelines based off over 12 years of web management experience.

Instead of using the WYSIWYG Editor these simple shortcuts will help you bold, underline and italic with ease.
Note: You have to highlight the word you want to bold, underline or italicize.

CTRL + B will Bold your word(s)
CTRL + I will Italic your word(s)
CTRL + U will Underline your word(s)
CTRL + X will Delete your word(s)
CTRL + C will Copy your word(s)
CTRL + V will Paste your word(s)
CTRL + Z will Make a New Paragraph like hitting Enter
CTRL + R will Reload your page in-case you want to start fresh on a topic or reply


When making a post, you will need to follow the below guidelines to ensure your topic is of good quality, readable and eye catching to viewers and the administrators for a possible Sticky Post.

* At least a 150 - 250 word count when making a topic.
* Include a Quote or a Brief Description pertaining to your topic.
* Always use Keywords inside your post, e.g; if talking about a new game, mention the game and developer at least 3-5 times.
* Always include the Source of your topic if related.
* Include a Trackback URL in the box after your topic.
* Include 5 TAGS that relate to your topic, use keywords.
* Always use proper grammar and spelling.
* Refrain from an over-use of smilies, slang or abbreviations such as 'lol' 'lmao' and so forth. Topics only.

Tips for New Members:

Other than the Guidelines above, below you will find some good tips to being an excellent member!

- First step; read the Forum Rules to ensure good posting and replying habits.
- Introduce yourself and let us know who you are, your favorite games, cool or funny stories about you and ask questions too.
- Respect every member. Simple rule, easy to follow, do not break it.
- Share PS4Forum.Com with your friends and include your Username so they count towards referrals!
- Keep in touch with all the latest in gaming news from Game Informer, IGN, GameStop, the Sony Playstation Blog and Official Game Developer websites such as EA, Ubisoft, Konami and more. If you see something that hasn't been posted from a source, post it here on PS4Forum.Com.

PSForum.Com is where gamers discuss and share their passion for gaming with one another, be respectful of the rules and the members and keep up to date on all the latest on the Playstation 4 system!

Thank you for reading and I hope it helps! If you believe something should be added, please contact me via Private Message and it will be added with credit due.
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* Refrain from using smilies, slang or abbreviations such as 'lol' 'lmao' and so forth.

:confused: Please explain?
I dont believe using any of these is against rules or guidelines for posting on this forum.
Not sure why you added those,unless I missed something?

Otherwise rest sounds good. :eek:


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:confused: Please explain?
I dont believe using any of these is against rules or guidelines for posting on this forum.
Not sure why you added those,unless I missed something?

Otherwise rest sounds good. :eek:

Maybe in the subject line? ;)

But this one

At least a 250 word count when making a topic.

I have no problem with that personally, but many of the started topics recently don't contain anywhere near enough words compared to this benchmark. What will happen to those threads or others similar in the future?


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Yep.Indeed,'Guidelines'..which can easily be confused with rules.

So just remember all that this ISNT 'official' forum rules or guidelines,just to be clear.
Just a post by a respected and helpful member wanting to contribute.
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Actually half-way through I was in a rush out the door. I will change it up, I meant an over-use of smilies and such. I've designed forums, I've modded and administrated forums, fixed and managed forums for the past 12 years. Mostly gaming, skateboarding, technology and entertainment. I actually think 150 is best but 250 is the majority of good topics with informative details regarding the topic. Replies, only a tad bit of this topic can apply to replies, this is mostly for topics.

I will edit because I respect and understand your concerns and I realize some of it is a bit far-fetched.

Thanks for the feedback!
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It really helps to have guidelines and some of the ones you provided are new to me. Every forum tends to have its own personality and way to do things. Better to now from the start than to be taken apart at a later stage. Thanks for the help!
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