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A pot suitable for cooking


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A pot to match the amount of food you need to cook will save you a lot of money. So how to choose a pot of your own accord.

I make homemade candy every year for friends and family for the holidays. Every year I use my moderately sized duck pot. And every year I have trouble getting the candy thermometer to read the correct temperature. I think this is due to the wide base of the pot, and the liquid does not reach very high in the pot so my thermometer can just be one submerged in the liquid.

I need a pot with a smaller base but higher than your average pot of sauces. As with the height I have now, as the liquid begins to boil, it goes right up to the belt, sometimes it even goes through which makes a sticky hard to clean mess for me.

Although I have searched in so many stores, I have not been able to find a good pot. Where do you shop for a pot?


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A lot of my kitchen stuff I got from Amazon to be honest. It has the best prices and I can comb through the reviews to see if it will suit my needs. Otherwise, my pots are just pots I bought when I was still in college. They've held up through the years.


Curious how such a topic has appeared in a videogame Forum :grin


I am italian so I give much importance to the kitchen and cooking in general. Pots are strategical for a good food.

For candies, and I assume you're managing chocolate, creams, marmelades, etc. you will need this pot:

Link to Amazon

The thermometer should be one like this:

Confortable and handy, it can be used for other foods too.



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I dream of having a complete collection of cooking pots and utensils someday. My Mom already gave me her favorite pasta pot. Soon I'm going to buy some at Amazon.
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