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A little improv game


New Member
Ok ladies and gents for my first post I thought maybe we could write the plot to a game together...

If you haven't done this before, then this is how it works: I will start the story and each poster will add a couple lines to the story...

If you don't enjoy these types of things, please do not post and ruin it for others.

You awaken on your grandfathers farm, wondering how you ended up 400 miles from your apartment. You are disoriented, but as you gather your emotions, you notice that your car is parked in the driveway. The air seems stale and you hear no audible sounds, like birds chirping, or the wind blowing through the forest next to you.

You notice no one is home and that is weird as your grandmother and grandfather work the farm everyday. You hear a branch break and you notice a figure walking out of the woods. Your first thought is it's one of your grandparents, so you yell out to them. "Grandpa", you say with a crackle in your voice, but as the figure draws near you notice it is not your grandparents, but something different, something you have never seen before, something that couldn't possibly be from this world!........

(Good luck and have fun everybody!)

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