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7 Essentials to Know Before Playing PES


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PES 2021 is a game that you have to be smart to win, and in this guide, we want to tell you 7 tips about the game to master its mechanics faster.

Your friend's right steak

7 Essentials to Know Before Playing PES

It is rare for games at PES 2021 to go as fast as FIFA. Konami has focused on strategy and clever gameplay, rather than fast-paced gameplay. One of the best tools to face other players is to use the right stick to dribble and escape the defenders. For example, if they come quickly from the left, use the right stick in the opposite direction to pass through them with enough space. This is a skill that you will eventually master, so work hard with it.

Use a deep pass

7 Essentials to Know Before Playing PES

The most practical pass you can give around the penalty area is a deep pass. With the right timing, you can put the ball directly in the attacking path of your rival defenders. This does not always work, but at least it works better than FIFA. Holding LB or L1 also sends a deep ball into the air to enable the striker to score with a beautiful volley with the right timing. Deep passes are also very useful for delivering the ball to the wingers.

Pay attention to the statistics of your players

7 Essentials to Know Before Playing PES

Before each game, check the statistics of your players. In FIFA, many players focus on speed. But PES statistics are a bit more complicated and help you make a detailed plan for yourself. Dribbling and high passing fit well with the more tactical PES style of play, but this year the long ball tactic works very well and makes great strikers like Robert Lewandowski as deadly as reality. Just don't expect someone like Andy Carroll to want to score 55 goals in 47 games like this Polish striker.

Run fast only when you need to

7 Essentials to Know Before Playing PES

Continuing the same discussion of PES being more tactical, the players of this series do not like sprinting as much as the FIFA audience, but this is still a common problem. In PES 2021, Sprint exhausts players too quickly and forces you to replace them early. Running fast on the wing is very useful, as it is usually not crowded there, but sprinting through a central midfield line will probably lead to the loss of your ball. When defending, focus on the player closest to the ball instead of running to the player who owns the ball.

Play with the clock

7 Essentials to Know Before Playing PES

If your team is ahead, it is better to play more cautiously when you have the ball. Watching this type of game may be boring, but frequent passing between teammates is a waste of time, and in online games it can break the opponent's nerves and give you an error. If you are not in the right position, control the ball near the touch line to get an August or a corner. Try not to make mistakes as much as possible so as not to waste too much time and the opponent has less opportunity to score.

Defend calmly

7 Essentials to Know Before Playing PES

You may be tempted to hit a rival player with a terrible tackle, or run headlong towards them and hope they lose control. The problem with this method is that most of the time it will be to your detriment and your players will get a card. Play calmly and wait for the opponent to come towards you. Setting up a team to play in the form of All Out Defense or Frontline Pressure helps with this. It may be scary to see Cristiano Ronaldo running fast towards your defense, but the more players you have, the better your chances of repelling his shot or tackling.

Do not attack by force

7 Essentials to Know Before Playing PES

One of Liverpool's classic slogans is "Pass and move", which is very useful in your attack strategy. Accurate passes and movement are necessary to cross the opponent's defense line, and using it calmly gives you extraordinary opportunities. Counterattacks are effective, but they do not always work. Find a strategy and do it calmly. Never rush.
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