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3G download size limitation issues on the Vita?


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On the 3G Vita, downloads are currently limited to 20 MB. That limitation is imposed by AT&T, I think. How much of an issue do you think this 20 MB cap is going to be?
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20 MB for downloads... I didn't know that. I think we can all agree that this is kind of upsetting. What about 3G multiplayer? I'm certain that the Vita is going to be restricted on the data it can transfer between two systems using 3G as well. I suppose I'll just have to get the WiFi version, like I already intended on doing.


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When I first saw 20 MB, I thought maybe it was a typo. I can see 200 MB, but 20 megabytes is just too low. My guess is that they will end up increasing the download limit. If they don't, people will get the WiFi version like you said.


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It sounds like there are plans to increase the size in the future but the wi-fi version is cheaper than the 3G even if you can't connect to other sites at the same time.


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I also initially thought that 20 MB must be a mistake, and when I learned it was for real, I was disappointed. I really hope that they have plans to increase the download size in the near future, because 20 MB is insufficient for most people...
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