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  1. J

    Quick question regarding M.2

    Can I move an M.2 SSD from one PS5 (with games & save data on it) to another PS5 without needing to format the M.2?
  2. R

    Fallout 4 When can i do railroad main quests?

    So yeah Im doing the build a stabilizer main quest and have done only the main quest from the railroad with deacon. When can I proceed in thè railroad main quests?Do I have to meet with father etc first before I can do bunker Hill? Greets
  3. B

    PS4 HDMI Converter to Analog TV Question

    I'm pretty new to gaming and all but I've decided to get a ps4. The problem is that after watching the Ps4 unboxing video it only comes with an HDMI cable, my issue is that I only have analog tv's. I'm planning on getting a flat screen as soon as I can but saving for the Ps4 has all of my money...
  4. A

    PS4 cache question...

    Now you have to download the game onto the console... if yo beat the game and delete the cache you get the memory back What does deleting cache do? Will my game saves be okay if I want to play the game again?
  5. themarksquared

    How many PS1 memory cards did you own?

    If you had a Playstation console, I'm sure you're very familiar with the Sony Memory Cards. Those were small boxes wherein you could plug into your console and save your game files. The first time I encountered a memory card was when I bought my first PS1. If I'm correct, it had 15 slots per...