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  1. ScarletFox97

    Kingdom Bound, a clan for Destiny, Warframe, and More!

    Kingdom Bound is a Christian Gaming Clan. In Kingdom Bound we build bonds with one another and consider each other apart of the family, and because of that we always have fun in what we do. Kingdom Bound is primarily stationed in Destiny 2, but we don't limit ourselves there. Many of us play...
  2. M

    Death Stranding Analysis: The truth of The upside down world !

    The World of Death Stranding | United 3 Dimensions !!! | Death Stranding Analysis This video shows us how to unite 3 dimensions, the video has good explanations for The upside down rainbow, How BT arriving to earth, and Analysis Handcuffs. (^o^) Highly recommend to Watch this video.
  3. D

    Can anyone answer some questions about the performance of your PS4

    I am a high school student doing a project on the hardware of a PS4. I am looking for just a few answers to help me with some research. 1. How long have you had your PS4 2. How often do you use your PS4 3. How would you rate your PS4’s performance (1-5) 4. Do you have any problems with the...
  4. M

    Ps4 controller issue

    My controller just died on me this week, ive tried charging the controller using a usb and a charging station and i also replaced the battery inside, any ideas before I buy a new controller?
  5. P

    ps4 accounts with lowest price

    hi! i'm a ps4 accounts seller, this is my job for 4 years and i have any account you need such as legal, ... i can find any account you need in a short time with lowest price . only work you need to do is sending message to me. i have a telegram channel and worked 24/7 . All of my Legal accounts...
  6. Carlos

    CarlosX360 Co. Ltd. has acquired PS4Forum!

    Hello, Salutations, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Carlos Morales. I am the Founder & C.E.O. at CarlosX360 Co., Ltd. I have recently acquired (purchased) PS4Forum! For me, this was something I've been wanting since I bought PS4 back in 2014. I have always, always wanted this site. I have...
  7. M

    PS4 custom led controllers

    Hi guys. I’m looking for some advice if anybody would be able to help me out. My son asked me if i could put led’s in his controller & i’m going to give it a go for him. Would anybody be able to suggest what type of led’s would be best to use, what type of switch’s would be best to use...
  8. N

    PS4 Won't Turn On, Unresponsive power button and eject button only beeps.

    I left the PS4 running with a game playing. A person in our household sees it and proceeds to unplug the power cord from the outlet (without exiting anything or turning off the PS4). Now I tried turning on the PS4 but it doesn't respond, either through the controller or the power button. The...
  9. B

    Sharing PS+/ Digital Games

    My brother has a PSN acoount with a PS+ membership whilst my account does not have PS+ memebership. So if I buys a games digitally on my account(no PS+), lets say, Resident Evil Revelations 2, will I be able to access online multiplayer on the game? Thanks in advance.
  10. M

    Where to buy ps4 ? China, spain or france

    I want to buy ps4 slim 500 go and i want to know Is it cheaper in china then spain or france . If it's, where to buy it in Guangzhou ?
  11. E

    UGA Clan now open! Join Us!

    SMG now recruiting [PS4][UK][EU][USA][CANADA] Congratulations on taking your first step on joining Supreme Masters Gaming We are a UK based Call of Duty gaming clan with members from the UK, EU, USA and Canada who PubStomp or play competitive. We have a variety of members who play both...
  12. O

    Playing on 3 monitors

    Hi, I want to set up my PS4, so that i can stretch the picture over 3 monitors positioned sidebyside. But, from searching the internett about how to do this, i find just a few posts on youtube and some pictures. What i have seen is that i need to: 1.) Connect my HDMI cable from...
  13. O

    New Youtube & Twitch Channels w/giveaways

    w[:Hey guys I'm Officialjdot and I recently started a new youtube channel & twitch channel. You can locate me on youtube by searching: OfficialJdot & Twitch by searching: jdot_16. When i hit 100+ subscribers on youtube I will start giveaways where I will giveaway things such as the latest games...
  14. H

    How would I be able to buy; Hitman: The Full Experience

    I cannot seem to find a direct site to buy The Full Experience on the PS4. The Playstation Market doesn't seem to have it. The PS4 Hitman website is down/download is unavailable so I cannot seem to find The Full Experience anywhere. I WOULD POST LINKS BUT I CANNOT My question is, where...
  15. P

    Looking for adult gaming community

    My boyfriend (24) and I (21) are looking for other adults to casually play on PS4 with. We play a bunch of games: BO3, GTAV, BF4, Dying Light, 7 Days to Die so on.. Feel free to message me (PrincessTebbers) or him (xAlphaRamx22) on PSN :)
  16. G

    PS4 Neo

    Hello, Does anyone know if the PS4 Neo will support games that were released before It's launch? Thanks.
  17. D

    Need info about SSHD's for PS4

    I would like to get a faster and larger HDD for my PS4, however there are a few things that I would like to know first.. 1. What exactly are the problems a PS4 will have with a drive larger than 2TB in size? 2. Will an SSHD drive have a significantly shorter lifespan than a 7200RPM...
  18. A

    [RECRUITING] Late Night Coop Crew looking for new ACTIVE members!!!

    We are tactical family centered around building better teamwork with each other regardless of the game we play. We range from Battlefield 4, The Crew, NBA 2k16, Elder Scrolls Online, Overwatch, and much more. If you are interested in joining up, visit latenightcoopcrew.com. Make a login and...
  19. K

    Hard Drive Expansion - Nyko / DongCoh

    Hello, I haven't played with a PlayStation since the original console and recently purchased a PS4 to sit alongside my Xbox One (I have no problems with the Xbox for exclusives / multi-platform titles,) but wanted to play a handful of games that were PS4 exclusives (such as The Last of Us...
  20. H

    Vednors Traders

    Did anyone else get annoyed that there are really not Vendors or Traders early in the game? I know there was a drive this time for deconstructing items so you can make new and better equipment. But at some point you just want caps instead of parts. Oh well at least I had a friend to tag along...