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playstation 4

  1. Carlos

    CarlosX360 Co. Ltd. has acquired PS4Forum!

    Hello, Salutations, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Carlos Morales. I am the Founder & C.E.O. at CarlosX360 Co., Ltd. I have recently acquired (purchased) PS4Forum! For me, this was something I've been wanting since I bought PS4 back in 2014. I have always, always wanted this site. I have...
  2. S

    Logitech G430 or Turtle Beach Stealth 700

    I need a new gaming headset for my PS4. I have 2 headsets I want to choose between: - Logitech G430 - Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum - Turtle Beach Stealth 700 From the Stealth 700 I know that it gives surround sound and that the sound quality is very good. From the G430 I don't know because I...
  3. Sarcastic123

    Playstation Communities?

    I've been in and out, searched far and wide and I don't see anything on here on playstation communities. I might be wrong maybe I missed like a whole section, but I was wondering if we could advertise our communities or like a thread on inviting people to our playstation communities? Anyway...
  4. E

    UGA Clan now open! Join Us!

    SMG now recruiting [PS4][UK][EU][USA][CANADA] Congratulations on taking your first step on joining Supreme Masters Gaming We are a UK based Call of Duty gaming clan with members from the UK, EU, USA and Canada who PubStomp or play competitive. We have a variety of members who play both...
  5. YoungClassy613

    (PS4) Who wants last of us remastered digital copy!?

    Hey ladies and gents, I just recently joined to this forum, I am what they call a low-key gamer ;) incase you don't know what that is its basically someone who plays video games on his own time with out people really knowing that person does. Anyways that being said, I have an extra digital...
  6. P

    Don't buy a PS4

    I have a PS4, it's my first sony console and I just can't believe how they can sell a console with such a shitty software. This was the worst decision I've ever made, I will never buy a Sony console again. :mad::mad::mad:
  7. AB9100

    Elder Strolls subscription fee

    Do you think it is fair? Do you think it is fair that the Elder Scrolls is charging a monthly subscription fee to play the game online? I do. I find it extremely disgusting. Considering the tht fact that we already have to pay for PlayStation Network every month. I think it is double...
  8. AB9100

    Can i record my gameplay with an external PVR

    I would like to record my gameplay, and save it to my external hard drive. I know the PlayStation 4 does not currently support this, but what if i bout my own PVR with HDMI pass through. Would i be able to capture my PS4 gameplay? Or does the PlayStation 4 have some sort of protection against...
  9. AB9100

    PlayStation 4 video streamer.

    PlayStation homebrew developer DVSoftware has created an opensource Ps4 video player. The player is named "PS4Player. This player can stream movies over your home network. This player is able to work because of the HTML5 support in the PlayStation 4 browser. It is still in the development...
  10. AB9100

    PS4 does not support media playback!

    Am I the only one ticked off that Sony decided not to add media playback as a feature? Media Playback was the main reason i purchased Sony's previous system 'The PlayStation 3". I was very pleased with this feature over the lifespan of the PS3. I was able to store, and play all of my files on...
  11. CpmPanda

    A Quick Guide to Posting

    A Quick Guide to Posting on PS4Forum.Com. NOTE: These are NOT official rules for PS4Forum.Com, just guidelines based off over 12 years of web management experience. Shortcuts: Instead of using the WYSIWYG Editor these simple shortcuts will help you bold, underline and italic with ease. Note...
  12. CpmPanda

    A New Contrast Patch for Playstation 4!

    Contrast is another free Playstation Plus game that came out on Playstation 4 on November 15, 2013. Since release it has had its fair share of game breaking bugs and fans of the game haven't had the opportunity to enjoy this game in full. Until now that is! Contrast has received a pretty big...
  13. CpmPanda

    Destiny Gets a Release Date + Beta Details

    If you're eager to play Destiny and you had hoped for an early 2014 release, sorry to say that will not be happening. Destiny, a game launching on the Playstation 4 will be released on September 9th, 2014. The beta that many people are eagerly awaiting for is slated for a Summer 2014 release...
  14. CpmPanda

    Playstation 4 & Xbox One Launch Comparison

    Microsoft has stated that the Xbox One sold over 1 Million units in less than 24 hours. The only difference is that Sony sold 1 Million Playstation 4's in just the United States alone, while Xbox One sold 1 Million across the entire world. When you compare the two, Playstation 4 sales are the...
  15. CpmPanda

    Sony is Officially Bundling the Playstation 4 and Playstaton Vita Together!

    It seems, according to IGN, that Sony will be bundling the Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita together in one, epic package. At the moment, we only have confirmation it will be coming out in the United Kingdom. There is no official word on pricing or release dates; especially in other...
  16. CpmPanda

    Sony is Exchanging Defective Playstation 4's Immediately

    With quick and expedited shipping offered to those 0.4% of gamers who are experiencing defective Playstation 4's. Sony will be offering this service without hassle or money out of pocket. All you have to do is call Sony Support to ensure you get the service you need and all your worries fixed. A...
  17. CpmPanda

    Playstation 4 Has Sold Over One Million Consoles in 24 Hours!

    The Playstation 4 has sold over one million consoles in 24 hours! That's not even the best part; Playstation 4 isn't even out yet in most countries until the end of this month or sometime in December. Just in time for the Holiday season. That number will keep going up as consoles are launched...
  18. CpmPanda

    Playstation 4 Free 30 Day Playstation Plus Membership

    I have heard that when you have a Membership to Playstation Plus and you use the Free 30 Day trial code that comes with your Playstation 4 system, that it stacks along with your membership. I do not think this is confirmed but to anyone who has a memebership and a 30 day code, please let us know...
  19. M

    Hey, Everybody!

    Hey how's it going Playstation NATION! I am stoked to be apart of your wonderful community and look forward to posting lots of things about the one and only console we all love Playstation!:cool:
  20. M

    PS4 vs. Xbox One - The Ultimate Showdown!!!

    I think PS4 is going to be way better than X-Box One. Even though I bought an X-box 360 I will more than likely not be getting the X-box One. I just think that the PS4 has more features and attractions than the X-box One.