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  1. edogn12

    New Doom teaser/full reveal soon

    Is peggi 18 an M game or an A game?
  2. edogn12

    Best and worst game on PS4

    Mine are 1. Last of us remastered. 2. Mortal Kombat x 3. Destiny My three least favs are 1. Diablo 3 2. Infamous: Second sun 3. Watch Dogs
  3. edogn12

    Mortal Kombat X has Microtransactions

    All games these days have pay to win aspects. When i pay $60 for a new game i don't expect $20 more for just DLC alone.
  4. edogn12

    StarWars BattleFront will be FPS

    You actually have a choice between first and third person.
  5. edogn12

    Details on Black Ops 3 multiplayer

    So Titan Fall and Advanced Warfare had a baby and made Black ops 3.
  6. edogn12

    Assassin's Creed Syndicate announced!

    I've never been one for assassins creed games. Although i have heard that the earlier ones are better, i use the Ps4 and I'm not using Playstation Now. But from what i heard the latest game was broken and rushed. I'll atleast look at some reviews before i even consider buying.
  7. edogn12

    Is this game hard?

    I've never been a fan of incredibly difficult games, and it seems this strikingly similar to the dark soul games. Is this game just as hard as the other games made by the same developer?
  8. edogn12

    CoD Advanced Warfare First Impressions?

    Is this a quality game, or is it just another piece of COD trash? Not liking the franchise so far is my opinion.
  9. edogn12

    Playstation Experience

    I'm really excited for No Man's Sky. Might just tune in.:Onya
  10. edogn12

    12 Deals of Christmas

    Are these deals for specific regions. If so i live in the US.
  11. edogn12

    System Software Update 2.03 Now Available

    Why don't they even tell us what apps specifically. I guess it's not a big deal, but i would still like to know.
  12. edogn12

    PS4 20th anniversary edition!

    I would actually consider getting this since it's not Destiny themed.
  13. edogn12

    PS4 looks like Windows 8

    I personally like the one with white cubes. The rest are either stupid or game themed. Last time i checked of course.
  14. edogn12

    Is the PS4 actually better?

    Everybody at my school has there own preferences about which console they like better. When ever they argue over PS4 and Xbox1 they really don't have any valid points. So, why is the PS4 better than xbox 1? Anything from games to specs.
  15. edogn12

    COD: Advanced Warfare Zombie Mode Confirmed! Leaked trailer!

    Although I'm not getting or playing this game ever, this looks cool. Hope it surpasses the zombie mode on the other cod games.
  16. edogn12

    Just Cause 3 Announced!

    Can't wait. I've never played the original or second, but I've heard great things about them. Definitely picking this one up.
  17. edogn12

    PS3 Racing Wheels Compatible with PS4?

    I heard they work. I'm planning on using one for The crew. I just recently received their beta.
  18. edogn12

    Any chance for ultra HD

    Not many t.v systems do this yet let alone channel broadcasters. Not for along time.
  19. edogn12

    Players Met on the PS4 is broken

    I played Battlefield 4 and wanted to freind someone but they didn't appear just like you said. Maybe they'll fix it with the 2.02 update that came out.
  20. edogn12

    System Software Update 2.02 Now Available

    Why do they always say something about system stability? Why can't they specifically tell us what their fixing?