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  1. daimashin

    Well, TGS was boring.

    I watched the live stream on Twitch just now and thought it was really boring. The presser was exactly like a corporate conference explaining things to the stock holders. Quite a few games announced for the Vita which is a change from the others which focused on the PS4.
  2. daimashin

    Is Shadow Warrior coming to the PS4?

    I thought I've heard that this game is coming to the PS4, is it true? There doesn't seem to be any update on this game at all.
  3. daimashin

    6 Minutes of Gameplay from Gamescom.

    I can recognize that ladder sound anywhere, lol. Looking really impressive even though it's pre-alpha. I'm really impressed with the increased pacing in combat, makes it very fluid. Huge Souls fan here so I'm definitely hyped for this awesome game. 2015 is going to be magnificent.
  4. daimashin

    Is this game cancelled?

    Whatever happened to this game? It's been ages since we've seen any new info. Is it because Capcom is in financial trouble that this game is in limbo? Hope I'm wrong and we'll see more at TGS.
  5. daimashin

    Who's getting this game?

    Okay, I already bought the game off PSN and pre-loaded yesterday. Right now, only a couple of minutes left before I can start the game. Pretty excited! So anyone going to be playing this game? I'm starting fresh even though I have played the old version.
  6. daimashin

    What are the odds of the PS4 keeping its momentum?

    Yup, the recent news about 10 million units sold is pretty impressive. That's sold, not shipped. In just less than a year, the PS4 has already reached this number. The thing I'm thinking right now is, will the PS4 be able to keep this momentum going? 2014 still has a few months to go, do you...
  7. daimashin

    Glacier White Dualshock 4.

    Okay, so I found out that there's going to be a white Dualshock 4 coming out on September 9th according to Amazon. Looks really good in my opinion, I think the black and white contrast is actually better than the stock all-black Dualshock 4. What do you think? I'm planning to buy a second...
  8. daimashin

    I'm really liking pre-loading on the PS4.

    I think this is a really neat feature that should've been around a long time ago. I just bought Diablo 3 UE Edition on the PS4 and pre-loaded the game. The speed was very good, finished 29GB of data in under 2 hours for my connection speed. I thought digital isn't very good but pre-loading is...
  9. daimashin

    Exclusive content for Shadow of Mordor?

    First of all, where is the section for this game? I've searched under the "S" and "M" categories and could't find this game. Secondly, at the Gamescom briefing I remember that Playstation Europe said something that Shadow of Mordor will have exclusive content on the PS4. Has it been announced...
  10. daimashin

    What kind of game will Alienation be?

    So I just found out this an exclusive to the PS4 but what kind of game will it be? I know it's being made by Housemarque, the guys behind Resogun and Dead Nation. Judging from the title I take it it's going to be about aliens, duh! What I don't know is, is it a top down shooter, a side scroller...
  11. daimashin

    Gamescom Trailer of The Order 1886.

    Honestly, the more I see of this game the more underwhelmed I feel. Nothing interesting has been shown up till now that it's starting to become like just another shooter. Yeah, it looks fantastic graphically but graphics alone can't carry the game.
  12. daimashin

    Sony will be unveiling new games at TGS 2014.

    Wow, I thought that Sony has already dried up their list of upcoming games since what was shown during Gamescom were pretty much it. Looks like they were holding up for TGS. I'm interested to see what are the good stuff that they're waiting to unveil at TGS...
  13. daimashin

    Virtual Reality will be available for War Thunder.

    There's news that VR support is planned for War Thunder when Morpheus is launched. I think this is a great game that could really benefit from VR. VR is perfect for games where you're in a cockpit navigating a machine. Further read below: war-thunder-in-development-for-project-morpheus
  14. daimashin

    The Evil Within will offer Season Pass.

    It seems like The Evil Within will feature Season Pass. For USD20, you'll get three planned DLCs. For further details, check the link below. the-evil-within-season-pass-announced This is a Single Player only game is it not? Why on earth does it need a Season Pass? I think it's unnecessary...
  15. daimashin

    Who has done Grounded Mode?

    Anyone here completed Grounded Mode yet? I'm in the middle of this mode and so far it's god hard. Can anyone give me some tips on this? The enemies are impossible with their god like senses. How slow do I actually have to crawl in order for them not to hear me?
  16. daimashin

    Which game is going to be the scariest this year?

    Plenty of horror games coming out or had already come out this year. So in your opinion, which one do you think it's going to be the scariest. For me, I'm thinking that The Evil Within is going to be freaking scary. The videos I've seen all showed pretty disturbing things like that thing that...
  17. daimashin

    Is Diablo 3 going to support cross save?

    Since there's nothing in recent weeks that I want I might buy Diablo 3. One thing I want to know is that if it's going to have cross save support meaning can I load up my PS3 characters on this edition? I spent over 100 hours on PS3 and I'm lazy to start over.
  18. daimashin

    #killallzombies coming to PS4.

    #killallzombies is apparently a top down third person shooter in the likes of Dead Nation. From the looks of it, it could be an indie game but I don't know yet. The thing with the stream viewers seems like an interesting mechanic, reminds me of Twitch plays Pokemon in a way...
  19. daimashin

    Am I the only person not excited for Destiny?

    Seems like Destiny is getting way too much hype. That news about pre-orders being cancelled by retailers because of high demand is ridiculous. Am I the only one that thinks that the game isn't very good? I tried the beta and thought it was pretty run of the mill stuff.
  20. daimashin

    PC shooter Insurgency may be coming to consoles.

    Brutal shooter Insurgency mulling over consoles I've never heard of this game until now. Sounds very interesting with that no-crosshair and only one life mechanics. Too bad it's an online game and not a full fledged Campaign experience.