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  1. daimashin

    Dear Sony, I want...

    It came out in 2006 no wonder I never heard about it. All I cared about back then was the PS3 releasing lol. Such a waste that I missed this, looks nice based on the reviews.
  2. daimashin

    Well, TGS was boring.

    I watched the live stream on Twitch just now and thought it was really boring. The presser was exactly like a corporate conference explaining things to the stock holders. Quite a few games announced for the Vita which is a change from the others which focused on the PS4.
  3. daimashin

    Dear Sony, I want...

    I miss the old days with the arcade bike racers. I remember back at the PS1 days, there is one that I really like and played to death. Nowadays, there doesn't seem to be any kind of bike racing that isn't a simulator. I've never actually heard of Tourist Trophy before, is it a simulator or an...
  4. daimashin

    PS4 Game With the Best Story

    I don't think there's much competition to the Last of Us right now. The story was brilliant even on the PS3 where there are a ton of great games with amazing story. The PS4 is still fairly new and there aren't many games out right now with a memorable story other than The Last of Us. I'd say...
  5. daimashin

    Help with ethernet cable?

    Have you tried to set everything up manually instead? Maybe try to get an IP like what don suggested and enter it manually and see how it goes. It sounds like maybe the port on the PS4 itself is faulty.
  6. daimashin

    is ps3 and 360 affecting the quality and release date of our games?

    In some way yes. Maybe it's because the games are also available on PS3 that some of the games look and play like a PS3 game instead of a PS4 game. What I think is that it depends on the studio making the games, some of them outsource the PS3 version to another developer so their version isn't...
  7. daimashin

    What's the deal with PewDiePie anyways?

    I watched his lets play once and didn't like it. I thought he was quite pretentious when playing. Maybe I didn't see enough but I just don't like his style. I prefer RadBrad to be honest. I don't know what's the hype with the guy, maybe it's because of that article about him earning $4m a year.
  8. daimashin

    Which game is going to be the scariest this year?

    Evil Within looks quite promising, not interested in that? Also Resident Evil remake is reportedly coming out this year end too, in Japan at least. Alien Isolation is in the vibe of Outlast so I'm not liking it.
  9. daimashin

    Is Destiny really that good?

    One huge issue I have with the game is the lack of variety in the levels. Everything happens at the same few levels which can get stale. The other is the bullet sponge bosses that take forever to kill even with a full fireteam. Too often I felt that the game is just plain cheap on higher levels.
  10. daimashin

    PS4 ? backward play.

    Yeah it's not backwards compatible but there is PS Now that Sony is pushing right now. For now, it's only PS3 games but there are possibilities that they will introduce games from the PS1 up to PS4 games in the future. Anyway, if you really want to play your old games, best to keep the PS3 until...
  11. daimashin

    Regaring region locking and DLC!

    Games are region free on the PS4 so games purchased from any country will work on all PS4s regardless of the console's region. As for DLC, they are mostly region locked so to avoid complications it's best to purchase the DLC from the same region as the game.
  12. daimashin

    Help with ethernet cable?

    Not sure what the problem is as I've never seen such an issue before. You said that it's a port in the wall, maybe the port is broken or it's not the RJ45 port at all? Have you tried using a different cable?
  13. daimashin

    Is Destiny really that good?

    I was in the beta and while the game was fun it's nothing groundbreaking that I've noticed. One thing I really liked is the sound design. I'm still considering whether to buy it since I'm not into MP too much. I know there's SP but I'm not sure how long it can keep me hooked. I need a game to...
  14. daimashin

    Anyone else have a squeaky trigger?

    I feel that the problem seems to be either the compartment that holds the triggers or the tiny spring. I have two controllers and one of them have this issue. I tried switching the buttons between the two but it didn't fix it so my only guess is with the slots that holds the trigger buttons.
  15. daimashin

    DS4 Silicone covers

    I bought two which are quite good quality-wise. I saw them on eBay selling at only $2 each so I bought a pair. My experience with it is that they feel comfortable and grippy, suits me as my hands sweat a lot. One huge flaw though is that it's too thick around the circumference of the thumb...
  16. daimashin

    Custom controller

    Never bought anything off the net that took this long to arrive. I know that it's custom made but 10 weeks is borderline wait time. Have you checked with them? Maybe they have a problem with the production and had to delay shipping? Or maybe your controller is stuck with your local customs.
  17. daimashin

    Campaigns for Games that are too long.

    I think it depends on what genre the game belongs to to determine whether the campaign is too long. To me, I think that action games like Devil May Cry or God of War shouldn't be too long. The average of 15-20 hours with replay value to me for these games are just about right. One very notable...
  18. daimashin

    pc games you want on console

    The only game that I ever wanted on consoles was Diablo 3 and I already got my wish granted. The game was the only one that I thought would be perfect for consoles. Since most games are available on consoles first these days I don't really have any on PC that I really want.
  19. daimashin

    Being an 'adult' gamer

    Never felt that way before. I only game when I'm free. I always made sure that I finished all my work before I game. Even if I have obligations to attend to, I'll make sure they can be completed later before I start playing.
  20. daimashin

    Cannot login

    It's a DDoS attack, it's not Sony's fault if some idiots decide to attack their servers. DDoS can happen to any sites, servers, and services. There are ways to counter the attack but it takes time.