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    Ps5 off

    Try unplugging the power for 3 to 5 mins. If you have an external hard drive, remove that USB connection, then plug back in but again, 3 to 5 mins. Let the cap's have time to dissipate the energy/current they're holding on to.
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    PS5 won't turn on

    No idea but I'm glad it worked for you!
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    PS5 won't turn on

    Unplug the power cable for a few minutes then plug back in. Try that but again, leave it unplugged or a few minutes. Let it dissipate any excess energy in the cap's.
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    ps5 and projector

    Okay... take the hdmi that is coming out of the receiver (and going into the projo) and pull it out of the receiver and into the PS5. If it synchs without issues, I have a solution for you. Since in this case, the receiver is having a problem, bypass it completely for the Video. Here's what to...
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    ps5 and projector

    Possible but it should be more about the quality of the cable as opposed to the length. Look into the Audioquest stuff. Their 48gps cables don't come any longer that 3m but they are outstanding. If you can buy locally, most retailers will let you return the cable if it doesn't work for you. Try...
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    ps5 and projector

    Take the output HDMI from the receiver and pop it in the output of the PS5. If it synchs fine... the problem is in the receiver - maybe not all inputs on it are not capable of handling the signal. If it doesn't work, you know it's likely the resolution of the PS5. Connect it to a display you...
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    PS 5 Headset or Seinheisser Headset

    I've gone through Sony Golds, a Logitech $300.00 pair and ended up with the Senny Game Zeros tethered to a Astro Mixamp Pro for more gain since the Game Z's are meant for PC really. Had that setup for about 4 years then recently bought the Epos H3Pro Hybrid and popped that into the Astro amp...
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    In Game lag

    That can happen. You may not have the issue or lessened the next time you play. Make sure the game has the latest firmware update too.
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    Audio problems

    It's trying to connect via HDMI E-Arc - which is the preferred way to do it, not through USB so it gets confused. One thing you could do... go to the Astro headset website. They have an adaptor go go from HDMI in and out but extracts the audio out via Optical which would be the better way to...
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    PS5 microphone not working...

    Often it depends on the headset and/or amp you're using but in the PS' settings, you have an option to go from All Audio or Chat. Switch it and try again. That's what worked for me..
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    Ps5 not working via hdmi module in wall to hdmi module in wall behind tv it only register when plugged directly into the tv

    Gotta be one of three things... 1) A break in the in-wall cable/ballun 2) The in-wall cable or ballun cannot handle 4K 3) Wall plate connector damaged at either end
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    Ps5 storage

    The reason the PS5 uses a solid state drive is it has to be quick to not only access the programs but keep them running smoothly without staggering. If you do an external right now, whether it be SS or not, you can only store PS4 content on it. Im not exactly confident that if they allowed a SS...
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    Turning Off External Hard Drive

    Unlike a PC, you do not have to do this all the time. I've had an external on mine since day one. I just power off and on whenever I like... I keep the drive connected via the back USB. This does not slow down anything at all and I have never had a problem.
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    add drive to my ps5

    Check YouTube for this... there are quite a few videos on how to do it there.
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    High pitch sound in recordings

    Okay... sounds like feedback so try this: In the settings on the PS5, where you have the option to alter the headset from All Audio or Chat audio, switch it from whatever it's on now to the other and see if the feedback stops.
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    Headset Advice

    They're pretty good - mic is nothing great though.
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    PS5 on an 8K HDR panel... Epos H3Pro Hybrid's wired to an Astro MixAmp ProTR... Full Atmos...

    PS5 on an 8K HDR panel... Epos H3Pro Hybrid's wired to an Astro MixAmp ProTR... Full Atmos speaker system (11 speakers and 3 sub's - 1 on center channel). Have all Playstations and all but one X-Box, consoles connected. 4000 movies on disc and 380 games.
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    High pitch sound in recordings

    From a headset or from surround speakers?
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    Headset Advice

    Okay... first, 7.1 is typically only from PC via USB but some headsets and amps like the Astro Mixamp Pro TR simulate that sound. Realistically, your sound and mic quality are only as good as the money you put into them. If you're not using the mic at all, technically you could just use stereo...
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    Is it PlayStation 5 buggy or a game? Need help!

    If your display is 4K and the PS5 is on Auto rez or 4K, go to 4K transfer rate and drop that down one step. You'd be surprised at what this does. Certainly worth a try.