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    PS5 won't turn on

    Any how thanks for your help.
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    PS5 won't turn on

    Wow it worked. but why it happened
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    PS5 won't turn on

    I was playing cyberpunk but then i went away for a while. When I came back the console was off I thought it was in rest mode but no lights were on the sides. I tried to turn on, i heard a beep but nothing happens after, what s going on? my PS5 Won't turn on
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    What was the last movie you watched?

    The Matrix Resurrections
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    Best PlayStation exclusive games?

    I will second your choice the God Of War is the one game that will force you to buy PlayStation. now this game is also released in a PC version.
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    Have you ever cheated?

    I only used cheats in Age on Empire game series. I am playing ROBLOX and Minecraft but i never used cheats. age of empire cheats