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  1. Who Dares Wins

    Currently Stressed

    Currently Stressed
  2. Who Dares Wins

    M.2 SSD issues once installed into ps5

    So i went a bought a WD Black SN850 1TB M.2 PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD/Solid State Drive with Heatsink and placed this in my ps5, transferred all games etc and was working fine and still is but when i place the ps5 into rest mode the computer shuts down completely anyone else having the same issues and...
  3. Who Dares Wins

    Ps5 storage

  4. Who Dares Wins

    add drive to my ps5

    I've just upgraded myself to a m.2 storage which has 1TD if you go to the link below this would be ideal for the ps5...