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  1. snikr

    add drive to my ps5

    Space is the reason to add the storage. With PS5 games you will run out of run quickly.
  2. snikr

    add drive to my ps5

    I finally upgraded my internal storage on my PS5. I got a WD_Black SN850 2 TB with heatsink. It works GREAT! Now it's time to load it up with PS5 games...LOL
  3. snikr

    Ps5 storage

    That is what I use with my PS5 and it works GREAT for PS4 games.
  4. snikr

    Whatup PS5 Fam!

    Nice. How you liking your expanded storage?
  5. snikr

    Hi All

    Welcome to the forum. And you are not old. You are 1/2 my age.
  6. snikr

    add drive to my ps5

    Thanks. Gives me something to search.
  7. snikr

    add drive to my ps5

    I want to add a SSD drive to my PS5 so I can have more storage for my PS5 games. Has anyone done this, and what drive/heatsink did you use??
  8. snikr


    Welcome and have fun with your PS5. I do with mine
  9. snikr


    Welcome to the forum. I've had my PS5 for 9 months and I LOVE IT!
  10. snikr


    Welcome. Enjoy the forum
  11. snikr

    Hi all!

    Hi ya from Vermont
  12. snikr

    move downloaded game

    Thanks for the help DCLong57. After a while I finally got the game moved. Love playing PS4 games on the PS5. Respawns and such are FAST.
  13. snikr


    Get a bigger external drive??
  14. snikr


    The internal SSD is not all that big (only 835 GB and but some of that is used for operating system). If you play any PS4 games on your PS5 the best thing to do is add an external drive. I added a WD P50 SSD 2 tb drive and rum my PS4 games from there with no problem or slow down.
  15. snikr

    move downloaded game

    I want to move a digital downloaded game from my PS4 to my PS5. I was able to move the games data with the link I found online but it did NOT move the game. What do I need to do to move that game?
  16. snikr


    Welcome to the forum
  17. snikr


    Thanks for the update on the PS4 games and updating Crunchewy. My drive "update" is on the way. Got myself a WD P50 2 TB SSD. Should be here Tuesday (if the Postal Service is not backed up).
  18. snikr


    You don't happen to know the model of the Ugreen case you used with the Samsung drive do you? And how is that "combo" working with your PS5??
  19. snikr

    transfer child account

    With the help of Sony on Twitter I got his account added. All I had to do was click on Add User and supply his ID and password. Not a big deal.
  20. snikr

    What monitor should i buy?

    Good stuff to know Carlos