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  1. Carlos

    Unboxing New PS5 Faceplate Covers + New Controllers

    Thanks for that video! :)
  2. Carlos

    PS Now / Game Pass killer?

    Thing is, this is more of a market issue. Thailand needs to buy PlayStation products on masse. That's how you get attention from Sony. The company is headquartered in Japan, so they'll ship consoles and games to your area. But if they're not serving PS Now for Thailand, your country needs to buy...
  3. Carlos

    I've now purged the database of zero posters. You were warned.

    I've now purged the database of zero posters. You were warned.
  4. Carlos


    It doesn't matter. PS4 was previously saved to external HDD or SSD. So the code recognizes and understand PS4 games can be saved anywhere. What matters is PS5 games. The recommendation is to use Main Storage or SSD upgrade for storing PS5 games. The thing is its all about read and writes.
  5. Carlos

    Can the SSD read and write speeds slow down when the drive gets near full?

    Uh. Sort of. The SSDs degrade over time. But not because it goes full, but because of the compute. If you frequently save to the SSD and/or delete from the SSD, it counts as "read and write" or the words separately (i.e. "read" and "write.") So, yes it does go from good to bad, but this is...
  6. Carlos


    Welcome to PS5Forum.com! :) Your PS4 games are backwards compatible with PS5, so you don't really need anything.
  7. Carlos

    4K blu ray playback

    Did you update the system to latest version?
  8. Carlos

    PS Now / Game Pass killer?

    Sony says they're working on a Game Pass killer, but thing is, we kinda already have it with PlayStation Now. It's just that PlayStation Now, currently doesn't work (ahem; behave) like Game Pass. It's more of a Cloud platform that is contained to platforms that can handle the technology...
  9. Carlos


    Welcome to PS5Forum.com! :) Unfortunately, I do not support cheats or cheating. So this thread is locked.
  10. Carlos

    Tips n tricks, hacks, cheat codes.....any other helpful stuff

    No. And we do not intend to teach you how to cheat! :mad:
  11. Carlos

    Horizon Forbidden West

    New trailer released during The Game Awards [2021]...
  12. Carlos

    The Matrix Awakens

    Name: The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience Release Date: December 9, 2021 Genre: Tech Demo Developer: Epic Games Publisher: Epic Games Announced before The Game Awards 2021, Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss took the stage at The Game Awards event to reveal the tech demo of Matrix...
  13. Carlos

    Anyone still looking for a PS5?

    Yes, I'm still looking for a PS5.
  14. Carlos

    Just got it!

    Welcome to PS5Forum.com! :) I'm glad you got a PlayStation 5! Enjoy the new PS5. :D
  15. Carlos

    New guy checkin in

    Welcome to PS5Forum.com! :)
  16. Carlos

    Sony hosts State of Play Livestream on October 27, 2021

    Sony is hosting a new "State of Play" livestream very soon today (October 27, 2021) at 5pm EST, 2pm PST. Sony says the focus is on third party, and a few independent titles. Livestream is ongoing as we speak...
  17. Carlos

    Playing a game on two PS5 consoles…

    Yup. You need to sign in on each console. In a better scenario, you'll need to create a new account for the second one.
  18. Carlos

    Roaming User PS5

    Nope. That account has to be logged into one console, choose the main console. Create a new profile for the second system.
  19. Carlos

    What's the difference between...

    Take your garbage and get the fuck out of here!
  20. Carlos


    Welcome to PS5Forum.com! :)