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    Anyone Picked Up COD WW2?

    Hello Derri! I Call of Duty World War 2 kaufen this week Online. I have started playing this. Its weapons Thompson Submachine Gun, Kar98K, M1918 BAR, M1903 Springfield, etc making it more excited to play. Its different games modes are: War Mode, Divisions, Co-op/Zombie Mode.
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    it was worth the 10 year wait!

    LOL:-: 10 years
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    GTA V on PS4 : My opinion

    I love this game.
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    Zombies in Spaceland

    Great! Zoombie Mode!
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    Trailer for Infinite Warfare

    Very Interesting!
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    Doom open beta start April 15

    Thats Great!
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    PS4 Minecraft Lets Play

    Sure! I will Check it Out.
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    Warframe update 13 is coming

    Wow! Great character! Excited
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    Call of Duty: WWII Confirmed

    It is great news.
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    Is Destiny really that good?

    Game is really good one. I enjoyed a lot this game.
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    Games You Are The Best At

    FIFA is game that i played most.
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    Great games are rare these days?

    Agree with you!
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    Quality of PC Games vs Console Games?

    These days PC games have separate gaming consoles that offer high quality gaming experience.
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    Battlefield 4

    Go with it. It is interesting.
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    Terraria or Minecraft?

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    Any MMO fans here?

    Yes, I love this game.
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    Do you use Playstation Plus

    No, never used.
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    KSIGlobal On PS4

    Thats Great!