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    PS4 Disk Drive Not working, tried reinstalling system software - PLEASE HELP!

    My 4 stopped playing discs as well. Mine is laying flat but if I knocked repeatedly on the side of the unit while the disc was going in, it would see the disc and play it but that's a pain in the arse to do. I flipped it upright and the discs go in and play fine. Try that. Or if yours is...
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    Weird but sounds like a weak internet connection. Try hardwiring from your router if you can. If not, go and unplug your modem/router from power for about 3 mins then plug back in and let it reset itself. Then go into the PS5 settings and do the test on internet connection strength. WiFi is...
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    Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2

    All of my games on the PS4 Pro... I put up into the PS cloud. Then went into the 5 and pulled down all that data. Worked like a charm. That said, this particular game, I just waited for the 5 version and downloaded it from the store onto the 5. The only way I know it's meant for the 5 is that I...
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    Best advice... go get an exterior Hard Drive for all PS4 content. You can get a 4tb or 6tb drive for well under $200.00 and the system will automatically store all 4 content on there. 5 content will remain on the SSD but this will free up space on the internal drive. One other point - reduce any...
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    PS5 Worse than PS4 Pro with Supersampling on 1080p monitor or projector?

    The PS4 Pro has always leaned to 4K 'support' and does a bit better job at displaying PS4 content than the non-pro version ( I have both) however... every PS4 game I run on the PS5, looks better, runs smoother. There is absolutely no reason for me to run the 4 Pro any longer. In short, since...
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    Buying an HDMI 2.1 AVR soon...do any of them work now @4K/120hz ??

    Update/// as of 3 days ago, Marantz/Denon announced an outboard adaptor you can get through their websites but it's HDMI in and out to receiver which means one of two things. Either the adaptor is pulling down FR and rez or... the adaptor it teaching the receiver's processor to stand down for a...
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    I had that happen twice after leaving the unit in standby mode to charge the controller...

    I had that happen twice after leaving the unit in standby mode to charge the controller. Powering back up from that state was black screen. Had to disconnect, unplug power on both display and PS5 a couple of times but hasn't happened since.
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    Buying an HDMI 2.1 AVR soon...do any of them work now @4K/120hz ??

    Some of the Marantz units will do it for XBoxX but not the PS5. The shortage of updated chips has hurt this moving forward. Yamaha is still waiting to release their top few models because of this.
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    Best large screen 4k projector for PS5 gaming (mid range budged)

    My view is that no projector, whether it's native 4K or pixel shift can do the new consoles true justice. I don't think any have 2.1 HDMI input, none have true HDR. Better to go with a smaller proper panel than a big sub-par image in my opinion but if you go with a projo, if you cannot find a...
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    Final Fantasy XV running badly on my PS5

    Take any of your saved game data that's on the PS4 and upload it to the cloud. Then go into the PS5 and download it onto the drive. Then go in and play the game on the 5. Doing that makes a huge difference.
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    Can hear chat, device registers, but mics are not working.

    I do know that with some headsets, you have to select (in the system settings) Chat Audio, not All Audio. I have to do that with my wired Sennheiser Game Zeros via the Astro MixAmp Pro TR. If I have the setting on All Audio, the mic does not engage. You would think that on CHAT, you'd lose game...
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    Backward compatibility issues or controller?

    Pretty much all the issues I experienced with 4 games loaded onto the 5 were resolved after I uploaded my saved 4 game content to the cloud, then pulled it down onto the 5 and applied it. If you just load a 4 game and play it as new - there are issues and they vary. Use your saved data!
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    Singleplayer or Multiplayer?

    SP is what I play. Always have. I can take my time... there's more strategy in how you accomplish a mission... more ways of completing a level. There's a story, a plot... sub-plot. I can appreciate the graphics in terms of the fine details they've made. MP - and I've played it a few times, is...
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    PS5 Call of Duty Cold War Brick?

    Mine runs completely fine.
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    move downloaded game

    Assuming you're using the same PSN account, if you go into your PS5 games (far right icon) You should see the game there. Click on it and it should just download the game onto your PS5. If not, go into your 4's menu where you have your memory list in terms of games. Go down the list and if it's...
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    Any way to dim power led on console?

    No option for that in the system. Might be a firmware upgrade thing down the road.
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    PS5 Compatible Audio and Video Setup

    Best way is via eARC back through the HDMI. When I ran the HDMI direct to the panel then took optical out, there was a delay on the audio so eARC solved that - HDMI from the PS5 to the panel, then another HDMI to go from the panel back into my receiver. Works fine but here's the thing... all the...
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    Running PS4 games on the PS5 and a couple of hints

    Hello all, just a note for anyone wanting to run the PS4 games on the new console... some games will run like poop if you simply load from the disc so if you haven't already, go back to your PS4 and make sure you upload all your saved material to the cloud. Then go back to the PS5 and after...
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    Need PS5 fix Help ?

    Could be the resolution was set too high for the display. If you can connect it to another display... 1080p or 4K, one of those should work. Another cause... a bad HDMI port - try another input on the dosplay. Third possibility - change your HDMI cable. AudioQuest Blueberry at the very least...
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    Latest update caused external storage not to work

    My 3TB external, which has been plugged into my PS4 does not work on my PS5 so I bought a 6TB for the PS5 and that has been working fine. I'm pretty sure that the PS4 used FAT32 to format a drive whereas the PS5 is using something else. So... if that is true, get another hard drive for your PS5...