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  1. sammed92

    What do you want out of the new Star Wars game?

    I just don't want DICE to fuck this game up as they did with BF4...DICE i'll fucking kill you if you did, sincerely a hardcore Star Wars fan.
  2. sammed92

    The Last of Us is Coming to PlayStation 4

    Dude I am so excited!! I never played Last of Us (I don't know why), but i will play it on my new console! Keep the finger crossed...
  3. sammed92

    Witcher 3 MIGHT run better on PS4 than XboxOne

    Hey there PS4 fans! CD projekt co-founder Marcin Iwinski have addressed the question of the century. There is a chance that Wither 3 might run better on PS4 than XBoxOne because of the superior hardware. But the game is far from complete and there are many optimizations to be done before...
  4. sammed92

    Warframe update 13 is coming

    Hello warframe fans, Warframe is about to update on PS4 with unlucky number Warframe update 13. There is an update in Melee combat in game called Melee 2.0. It'll give more attack options and stances for players to use. There is also a character addition. The character is called Hydroid.
  5. sammed92

    Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition confirmed for both Xbox One and PS4

    Hello Diablo3 fans! The Diablo 3 publisher and developer Blizzard have confirmed that Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Evolution will be released on PS4, XBone, PS3, XBox 360 on August 19. The version of the game, which includes both the original Diablo III and its recent expansion...
  6. sammed92

    Watch dogs may not run at 1080p 60fps.

    Hello PS4 users, There is a sad news for all of us. Watch Dogs may not run at 1080p and 60fps. There was an update to playstation website that removed the mention of the resolution and fps for watch dogs. A sad day indeed..
  7. sammed92

    Blackadders review of The Last of Us & the Last of Us DLC

    Last of Us was ne of the best games I have ever played. Agreed it is based on overused zombie apocalypse cliche, but the story telling is one of the finest...
  8. sammed92

    Should I buy vita?

    I already own a PS4 and I don't have any interests in PS vita exclusives. I just want to play games while I take a dump. Should I buy the PS Vita so that i can stream games off of PS4 to my bathroom :confused:?
  9. sammed92

    Mark Darrah gives an update on the progression of the games development

    Frostbite 3 is very very capable engine and graphically speaking, there is no doubt Dragon Age: Inquisition will be one of the most beautiful looking games of all time. The amount of work Bioware is putting into the visuals of DA:I is outstanding.
  10. sammed92

    Dual shock 4 analog sticks wearing off?

    I am using the same controller since launch of PS4, and it is showing clear marks of wearing where I rest my thumbs :(. Seeing that PS4 is very new console, Sony has made very bad choices about the material that covers the analog sticks. Has anybody's cover completely worn off? What preventive...
  11. sammed92

    How long has the PS3 got?

    Sony generally follows 12 year cycle rule for their consoles. Just like PS2 was discontinued in January 2013, ps3 might live up to 2018. But following the very fast technological advancement, I guess we won't be seeing many games for ps3 in coming 1-2 years. So, PS3 would pretty much render...
  12. sammed92

    Controller range?

    I have the PS4 since launch but never felt need to test this thing :p. I play around 15-20 feet away and it works perfectly. I think 25-30 feet distance wouldn't hurt much.
  13. sammed92

    PS4 controller vs XB1 controller

    I have always been a playstation fan and I like the design of the Dual-shock. Symmetric placement of the sticks fits my play style well. Apart from that, sony has risen the bar of what a controller should be by introducing the dual shock 4. The touch pad with different gestures and with the...
  14. sammed92

    Dragon Age Inquisition 20 Minutes Gameplay.

    This game looks so impressive! Frostbite 3 is a very powerful engine. Visuals look absolutely stunning. I can't wait to get this game. I was a big fan of Dragon age origins. DA2 was a bit let down. I have big expectations from Inquisition.
  15. sammed92

    Your opinions on Blacklight: Retribution?

    Blacklight Retribution was one of my favorite free-to-play FPS on PC. I was excited to play it on PS4, but the lag is too much for the game to be playable. Guess I'll stick to PC version.
  16. sammed92

    Rubberbanding is driving me insane. (Battlefield 4)

    Same here. My internet connection is not a problem. I can run all my games just fine but BF4. Netcode is killing me! I can't even run for 45 seconds straight without experiencing rubberbanding. If you play on less crowded servers, it is less often experienced.
  17. sammed92

    Rate my loadout and post your own so we could compare.

    Nice thoughtful loadout! Mine- M416 (I love that weapon right from BF3) heavy barrel, angled grip, coyote RDS. M1911 ghost ring. Med pack, M320GL 40mm grenades, V40 minis.
  18. sammed92

    Battlefield 4 players discover massive Megalodon shark Easter Egg [Video here]

    You can see the weird scope glint like flash far off on the mountain in Golmud Railway...
  19. sammed92

    Battlefield 4 players discover massive Megalodon shark Easter Egg [Video here]

    DICE is very creative and witty with its Easter eggs. Remember all the small dinosaur figures scattered all around in Battlefield 3? Megalodon one was very best of DICE, there was a massive wave of hype to find Megalodon and finally they've added it in the game.
  20. sammed92

    Hello to all!

    Hello, I am sammed92, I am looking forward to this forum experience and at the end of the day, get some knowledge!