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  1. Sekelani

    New destiny console

    Check out what I bought. I traded in my old ps4 for this baby with 5old games that I beat and only paid $121. Yay!!!
  2. Sekelani

    System software 2.57 is out

    Hey guys just letting yall know its out. Here is more information. http://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2015/07/22/ps4-update-2-57-now-optional/#/slide/1
  3. Sekelani

    Just picked up the God Of War Remastered for PS4

    So exited guys. Gonna play it in a few hours. Who else is getting it?
  4. Sekelani

    Who is picking up the God Of War remastered this week?

    Okay guys I preordered my copy a few weeks back when I got batman arkam knight and in super exited with this game. Who else is gonna grab this port? I've played the previous God Of War games and I love them with the passion !!!!! Can't wait a few more days
  5. Sekelani

    Thing of getting the Batman themed playstation 4 console

    So here it is guys At EB games if you trade in 1 game and your console you'll get this for $249. Recon it's worth it or not?
  6. Sekelani

    Who is grabbing this game tomorrow?

    Hey guys I've been a fan of batman for years and I'm so exited about the release for this game tomorrow in Australia. Who will be grabbing this game?
  7. Sekelani

    Who is gonna pick up the Elder Scrolls Online tomorrow?

    Hey guys. I've seen a lot of game play and hype on this game and wondering which one of y'all will be picking it up. I might get it, Still trying to beat the witcher first lol.
  8. Sekelani

    Check out the new Xcom 2 teaser video

    I've always been a fan of Xcom since the first one came out. I came across this article on IGN. Check it out. I'll probably pick this up in November http://m.au.ign.com/articles/2015/06/01/xcom-2-announced-ign-first
  9. Sekelani

    Just picked up the witcher 3

    Okay guys so here it is I got the collectors edition with the strategy guide. Waiting on the download to finish updating before playing. Will update y'all on a review later.
  10. Sekelani

    Finally got my hands on the bloodborne strategy guide

    Here it is people In the flesh from Brisbane, Australia. This book is pretty impossible to find anywhere in Australia, I got lucky and kept looking on eBay, until one day it showed in Australia and I took the bait and bought it. It cost $60( plus $15) shipping and all I can say is this book...
  11. Sekelani

    Who picked up mortal combat X

    Hey guys I'm on the fence about this game. Anyone here picked up this game? Any good?
  12. Sekelani

    Out of games to play

    So I've beaten my favourite game of 2015 bloodborne and all the rest from last year minus evil within because it's to darn hard lol. I'm waiting in the witcher 3 then that's probably it for the year. I think I'm out of games to play lol. How about you guys?
  13. Sekelani

    PlayStation 2.50 coming out tommorrow

    Hey guys the update is coming out tomorrow. Here is more details PS4 System Software Update 2.50 Arrives Tomorrow http://www.ign.com/articles/2015/03/25/ps4-system-software-update-250-arrives-tomorrow
  14. Sekelani

    Who is getting bloodbourne tommorrow/ today?

    Guys I'm super duper exited for this game. The graphics, gameplay and combat seem so promising. I can't wait till I get my hands on this game and yes I'll give a full review on this game with the things I like and dislike promptly. Who is getting this game day one?? In Australia the game gets...
  15. Sekelani

    Planned maintenance on the PlayStation network on the 23rd March

    Hey guys there is gonna be a planned maintenance on the 23rd March. Here is more details .Starts 9am PT/12pm ET/16:00 GMT Ends 11:30am PT/2:30pm ET/18:30 GMT During the maintenance, the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home and Account Management will not be available. You may also receive a...
  16. Sekelani

    Just got resident evil revelations 2

    Okay guys. Here it is Just started it up now. Super exited. Will update yall with a mini review later. I downloaded it off the PlayStation store. The full season is $37.95 compared to $99 from ebgames with a release date in March. See yall soon guys with a review
  17. Sekelani

    PlayStation 2.04 had been released

    Here are some issues with the update http://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2015/02/17/ps4-update-2-04-now-out-causes-problems-for-some-users/#/slide/1 Happy updating people
  18. Sekelani

    Which game are do you guys plays the most?

    After completing dragon age inquisition, I'm finding myself playing destiny sooooo much... I'm on level 30 trying to push into 31. Yeah it's repetitive but the shooting experience is just so rad. I've given up on the evil within. I'm stuck in a room with a butcher and a spinning well thing that...
  19. Sekelani

    The PS4 dualshock controller dies really quickly

    Hey guys. I've noticed this dualshock controller only lasts for a short time like 4 hours and I have to charge the controller daily if I have a long gaming session. My brother in laws PS3 controller last for 4 days on heavy usage. Is anyone else having this issue.
  20. Sekelani

    What games/things did you get for Christmas? Or Boxing Day ?

    Hey guys. I'm thinking of picking up far cry4 today on Boxing Day. I didn't get any games for Christmas cause I wasn't so sure on which one to get, but I think I'll jump in for far cry 4. I got a new cologne, shower gel, engagement cutlery and plates with fancy glasses. Oh in case y'all didn't...