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    So excited for Mind' Path to Thalamus

    If you don't know what this is, it's a game that is coming to the PS4 through the Project Morpheus VR headset and the Oculus Right. It's a first person shooter and looks amazing and the fact that we're getting VR support makes it even better. I though that true VR was still years away but I'd...
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    DICE wants your feedback

    Do they really because it might be a little harsh. But yeah they want your input. Specifically they want to know about the last changes that they made and how you feel about them. It's more about the balance in the transports so planes, boats, cars etc... are the focus here.
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    The Witcher 3 stories even more involved

    According to CD Projekt read you won't be able to escape the stories in the Witcher 3. Every region will have something going on and the depth is going to blow your mind. Everytime I hear something from them I get even more excited. The Witcher 3 is shaping up to be GOTY for me.
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    Framerate is confirmed

    For those of you that care and for which framerate matters than the facts about the definitive edition have been released. One point is that the framerate is the same for both next-gen cosnoles. Here's the problem what the framerate is. If I even was entertaining the idea of buying it, this...
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    Is Drive club getting a release date?

    This is just speculation because we haven't heard much from Drive Club in a while. But it recently get an E for Everyone rating from the ESRB which to me means that we're getting closer to an official release date announcement. I'm wanting this to happen so bad because I'm actually pretty...
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    PS+ Users don't need to apply ahead of time for beta

    Seriously having a PS+ membership is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. For example it's now been announced that if you have a Ps+ membership that you don't have to apply ahead of time for the FFXIV ARR Beta which is amazing news. Seriously the perks of being in this club are...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 look to expand the Keyblade

    I found this pretty interesting. I thought that we knew pretty much everything there was to know about the Keyblade but Tetsuya Nomura is hinting that there are a lot of surprises coming with the new Kingdom Hearts. Not only with the Keyblade but with the characters. I'll post the link to the...
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    Microsoft sticking their nose into No Man's Sky

    We all remember how this game blew us away at the lame VGX's. Well apparently Hello Games have been having some problems due to flooding and Microsoft's Phil Spencer has offered a helping hand. Now normally I'd be all for this because this is a small team that has sacrificed a lot however, the...
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    Housing is super expensive

    Okay, so the new patch has made housing in the game super expensive and very inconvenient to purchase. A lot of people have been mentioning and now the devs have responded to the issue. I'm hoping that the fact that they've responded means that their planning to lower the prices. Prices...
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    Walmart expecting their 'biggest' shipment of PS4's EVAH!!!!

    Okay who are they kidding. We all know that Walmart and all of the other big box stores have Ps4's or are getting PS4's in ancipation of Christmas. This announcment is just to get the attention of desperate gamers and parents who are trying to grab their consoles before Christmas since it's...
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    So apparently it's the Console transitions fault that people hate Ghosts

    I'm not sure how Activision is trying to swing this but apparently they have decided that the reason for Ghosts not being a darling (and also not killing it in sales) amongst fans of the series and critics is the fact that we are in a console transitioning period. Sure, fine, whatever...
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    Don't worry The Witcher 3 still has sex

    I always appreciate the fact that The Witcher series was mature and didn't apologize for it. It had nudity and sex but it always made sense when you saw it. Of course people were worried that The Witcher 3 might be a little censored on the consoles but CD Projekt Red has come out to assure us...
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    Virgin Media: UK can't handle Broadband needs of Xbox One or PS4

    Here's an interesting thing to note for you UK gamers. Apparently according to Virgin Media, you do not possess the broadband capability to handle the download requirements for the PS4 and Xbox One. I wasn't aware that your internet over there was lackluster. Of course this is just Virgin...
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    Fallout website gets updated

    So if you're excited about a possible Fallout 4, then you'll be happy to know that the teaser website go updated today with a new morse code. Of course you'll have to crack it on your own but if you do you could get an invaluable hint as to what I'm calling Fallout 4 could be about. Here's...
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    Jeffrey Yohalem talks Child of Light

    If you're interested in what looks like a really cool game, Jeffery Yohalem the writer of Child of Light did an in-depth interview where he talks a lot more about the RPG that apparently will change our lives. I love a good RPG and UbiSoft is really pushing this one as being amazing so I'm...
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    What happened to Dark Souls 2: Beta?

    So Dark Souls 2 is coming very soon , about 3 months, but some lucky gamers have been able to test the online gameplay through beta testing. And the result for the devs is not good. In fact things have not been going well at all for From Software. I'm hoping that they fix the game but at this...
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    EA say's NBA Live 14 hasn't been Love by Players

    Well news doesn't look good for NBA Live 14, according to EA. They say that gamers have found a bunch of bugs and glitches that has garnered them a lot of hate. Also add to that that the game sucks I'm not sure why EA is surprised that people hate it. It's a buggy, jumbling mess and should...
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    EA would rather churn out more Battlefield than Give us Bad Company 3

    Before I give you the direct quote that reminds me why gamers continue to vote for EA as one of the worst companies in the world, before I remind you that EA themselves are apparently confused as to why people hate them. Let me remind you that while Battlefield is fun and I do appreciate it, it...
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    EA stocks take a hit on Battlefield 4

    So it seems like EA is hurting a bit because Battlefield 4 sales plummeted this week. We all know that the launch sales were pretty good but not great (I expected it). They managed to sell about 662k copies of the game which made sense because a lot of people already owned it. What they...
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    Everybody's Gone to the Rapture Not Coming Soon

    So I've really been looking forward to this game and it's kind of sucks that it's so far off. I'm not sure what happened other than the fact that thechineseroom just finished the Amnesia DLC but the devs have confirmed that there is no release date for the game at all on their twitter. That's a...