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  1. J

    Party Chat on Update 2.0?

    Hello everybody my name is Joey. I like this forum and all if the questions that are answered here. Ill get right to it - Can i record a party chat with the new 2.0 update?Im trying to record videos on my PS4 with a group of friends on a party chat. The thing is only my voice is recorded. Now...
  2. J

    PSN Profile number next to your avatar?

    What does the number represent? How do i make it go up? Its been stuck on 12 with 63% even after getting 2 new platinum trophies ( 9 in total) and countless other trophies.
  3. J

    Upcoming RPG open world games?

    Does anybody know of a good upcoming RPG Open world game for the PS4. Im sooooo bored with all these shooters and Assassins Creed was a huge let down. Skyrim was the last good RPG game i absolutely loved. Anybody heard of good games in the near future?
  4. J

    PS4 Controller, Does anybody know the name of the jack thats next to the 3.5 mm?

    Does anybody know the name of the jack thats next to the 3.5mm jack on the PS4 controller? The one on the left? It says EXT on it. I think its a headset jack? If so can anyone recommend any good headsets for it?
  5. J

    How will i be able to transfer data from PS3 to PS4?

    What will be the best way to transfer my data from PS3 to PS4 when it comes out? I have an after market 500 g HDD. I heard you could back up your stuff on Playstation Plus. Should i back up and then download to PS4 when it comes out?