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  1. EVILDEAD333

    CronusMax Plus for xbox one and ps4 and 360 and ps3

    anyone useing this for there ps4 or xb1 or 360 or ps3 just want to no if its a good thing to buy here is a link to to it http://cronusmax.com/cronusmax-plus/cronusmaxplus-new-features/
  2. EVILDEAD333

    PlanetSide 2 on the PlayStation®4 CLOSED BETA code if anyone wants it

    im giving away one code for PlanetSide 2 CLOSED BETA so here the code 565K-7LNL-PGCD
  3. EVILDEAD333

    psn down again feb 1 2015

    its been down for like 4 hours here in pa it looks like they got a ddos hit there severs again by the fag group lizard squad Playstation you guys suck you can not fix this and you guys take all are money to played online go back to free if you are not going to fix this shit really mad here...
  4. EVILDEAD333

    Stranded Deep for pc

    been watching videos on this and this looks really good do you think they will bring this game to the ps4 or not i hope they do want to try it out:)
  5. EVILDEAD333

    PlayStation Now Subscription Program: All The Details and more

    hey guys here is a link to it if you want to read about it for about there http://blog.us.playstation.com/2015/01/05/playstation-now-subscription-program-all-the-details/ to me i think its to much for it as of right now
  6. EVILDEAD333

    want to wish everyone wish a happy new year

    :-:want to wish you guys on here a happy new year hope 2015 is better then 2014 for games and stuff :)
  7. EVILDEAD333

    Psn is up now its about time

    Just leting you guys no the psn services is up and runing again
  8. EVILDEAD333

    Lizard Squad Live Interview w BBC Radio

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHBBl5vpZUw here is the so called Lizard Squad
  9. EVILDEAD333

    A Limited Edition PS4 Destiny Bundle Drops Every 15 Minutes at Taco Bell

    Grab a Big Box at Taco Bell® and You Could Win Taco Bell® and PlayStation® are at it again! This time, we’re teaming up to give fans a chance to win a limited edition PlayStation®4 Destiny Bundle. From October 9 through November 19, simply go to a participating Taco Bell, grab yourself a...
  10. EVILDEAD333

    Project Morpheus' PlayStation 4 Virtual Reality Headset

    anyone see anything about this and when its come out i will be geting a ps4 in two weeks from now and it the Destiny Bundle one any good games i should get for it