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    Way to go, Bethesda...

    A friend of mine has Skyrim for the PC, and this latest update she got over steam deleted the .exe file for the game. It'd be funny if it weren't so stupid; I've never heard of an update breaking a game quite so intentionally.
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    What sort of PC do you play on?

    My gaming PC is an Alienware rig that's a few years old, and I absolutely love it. So far I haven't come across a game it can't handle on full specs.
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    My Kindle cord is disintigrating...

    The plastic coating on my Kindle 2's recharger cord has just sort of crumbled off, leaving the wire all naked and exposed. :/ Think Amazon might give me a replacement if I tell them what happened?
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    Is this a glitch, or just poor planning?

    I've noticed that in Skyrim, when I complete a quest, the quest item is stuck in my inventory. For example, I was sent to retrieve a flute for a lady in the Bard's College, but at the end of the quest she didn't take the flute--it's just hanging out there. I can't drop it, and it's taking up my...
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    Need help with a skyrim quest

    Ugh, this is driving me crazy. The quest is "Into the Mind of Madness", and I'm stuck at the part where you need to solve the three tests for Sheogorath. I figured out the "wake up the sleeping guy" test, but I'm stuck on the arena one and the one where the guys punch each other. Any advice?
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    Favorite game bugs?

    Hey, what are some funny/useful bugs in games you've played? So far my favorite are the glitches from Red Dead Redemption, where it would map a human skin onto an animal model, so you'd get cougar-man and crow women.
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    Skyrim Bucket Glitch

    Okay, I had to share this hilarious trick for Skyrim. If you pick up a bucket, and put it on a shopkeeper's head, you can rob the store blind because they can't "see" you.
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    Harvest Moon for the PS3?

    Has anyone heard if they're going to make a new Harvest Moon game for the PS3? I know they made one for the PSP, and a few for the PS2.
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    Do you mod your games?

    I have to admit, I mod my games like crazy. My copy of Oblivion is nothing like the regular, "vanilla" game anymore; last time I counted I had 20 different mods running on it at once.
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    Age of Empires III?

    Has anyone played Age of Empires III? I saw it in the store the other day and considered buying it. I loved I and II, and I enjoyed Age of Mythology, so I was wondering how this latest installment compares to the originals.
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    Looking for a cheap MP3 Player...

    I want something that plays music, but I don't want to have to sell my dog to afford it, so anything made by Apple is out. Have you guys had any good results from relatively cheap MP3-players? Any you'd recommend?
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    Oblivion's Shoe Mountain.

    In my Oblivion game, I decided I was going to start collecting shoes; my goal was to make a mountain out of them. XD After a while, having so many shoes dumped in one location caused it to get a bit laggy whenever I went near it.
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    Left 4 Dead 2

    So, do any of you guys play Left 4 Dead? It's currently my favorite game. My "crowning moment of awesome" in the game was this time I beat a Tank to death with a guitar.
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    Zero Punctuation

    Hey, are there any other fans of Zero Punctuation here? I gotta admit I'm a big Yahtzee fangirl, even when he's shredding games that I like. I think my favorite review of his is the Assassin's Creed one.
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    Favorite PC Game Ever?

    What's your favorite PC game of all time? Mine is definitely Planescape: Torment. Despite it being over 10 years old, I find myself playing it over and over and over when I get tired of newer games.
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    Is anyone else super-excited about TES Skyrim? I can't wait until it comes out. My main debate is whether to buy it for my PC, or my PS3. I like PS3 controls better, but the game is much more mod-able on the PC...
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    Is Lair any good?

    I spotted a used copy of "Lair" in the bargain bin for cheap the other day, and I was tempted to buy it. Have any of you guys played it? Just wanted to know if it was worth the $10 they want for it. Heh, trying to find something to kill time with until Skyrim comes out.
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    Had a scary moment today

    The shelf on our entertainment system that was holding up our PS3 collapsed this morning, dumping it on the floor. We quickly tried to run it to see if it was okay, but it kept on saying "Unsupported Mode" for some reason. After a lot of swearing and messing with settings, my brother got the...
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    Hello Everyone

    Hey guys, new to the forum obviously. I'm a huge fan of the BioShock series (in case you couldn't guess from my user name), and I also can't wait for Skyrim to come out! :)