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    Like playing a movie

    I kind of feel like this in Skyrim, though I admit my movie isn't a terribly interesting one. My khajiit spends most of her time chasing bunnies and fishing.
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    Way to go, Bethesda...

    A friend of mine has Skyrim for the PC, and this latest update she got over steam deleted the .exe file for the game. It'd be funny if it weren't so stupid; I've never heard of an update breaking a game quite so intentionally.
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    Is this a glitch, or just poor planning?

    Even if Bethesda doesn't fix it, at least for PC gamers I'm sure that the modding community will. Modders will come up with just about anything--on my old Oblivion game, I downloaded a Bag Of Holding off of the nexxus for it.
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    Need help with a skyrim quest

    Thanks for the guide! lol, and I play a Khajiit too. I love it when they challenge my character to fistfights. Do they just not notice the claws?
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    What sort of PC do you play on?

    My gaming PC is an Alienware rig that's a few years old, and I absolutely love it. So far I haven't come across a game it can't handle on full specs.
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    New or Used?

    I try to buy new games, more to support game developers than because I think there are any quality issues with used ones. After all, when you buy used, the original game makers don't see a penny from that sale.
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    ToyStory 3

    From what I've heard, the Toy Story game isn't half bad for a movie license game, though I haven't played it myself. I'd actually recommend checking out GameSpot reviews, though. They go into a lot more specific detail on what they liked and didn't like than Amazon does.
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    Worst Voice Acting

    The worst voice acting I've ever seen was in Oblivion. The beggars would literally switch voices and accents from sentence to sentence. It could be really jarring.
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    My Kindle cord is disintigrating...

    I think I'll pick up some electrical tape. We've got some somewhere, but since we just moved, I'm more likely to find the Holy Grail in this house than anything I'm actually looking for. XD
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    Mall Arcade Games

    We used to have a really nice arcade at our mall, but it shut down about a year back. I think a little piece of me died when it did--I loved that place.
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    "I wish they made a PC/console version of this..."

    I wish they'd made Red Dead Redemption for the PC. We didn't have a PS3 when it came out, so all I could do was drool over it...
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    Red Wii

    MsKong's got a good point. The more subtle something is, the less likely it is to get stolen. XD Covering it with stickers and little doodles of hearts and bunnies probably has a similar effect.
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    Skyrim has been a pretty epic RPG so far, but it's not an xbox exclusive game. Still, I'd recommend looking into it anyway; it's currently my favorite.
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    My Kindle cord is disintigrating...

    The plastic coating on my Kindle 2's recharger cord has just sort of crumbled off, leaving the wire all naked and exposed. :/ Think Amazon might give me a replacement if I tell them what happened?
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    How many games per day?

    I'm usually in the middle of four or five games at once, and four or five books at once. I just don't have much of an attention span for story. Not that I don't love them, it just takes me months to finish them.
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    Is this a glitch, or just poor planning?

    I've noticed that in Skyrim, when I complete a quest, the quest item is stuck in my inventory. For example, I was sent to retrieve a flute for a lady in the Bard's College, but at the end of the quest she didn't take the flute--it's just hanging out there. I can't drop it, and it's taking up my...
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    Need help with a skyrim quest

    It's a side quest you pick up in Solitude. Some crazy guy is babbling about how his master won't come back. I will say that Sheogorath is really entertaining to listen to, though. They gave him an Irish-ish accent.
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    Leap Year Bug

    We didn't have our PS3 last leap year, but now I'm kind of worried about the upcoming one. Hopefully we won't have any issues. :/
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    Yelling at Harvest Moon Game

    XD I yell at my games all the time, so you're not alone. If nothing else, at least it's great stress relief. Can't yell at your boss, but you can yell at some girl in a video game
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    What did you do with your old Playstations?

    I kept mine, and still occasionally play them. :) Then again, I'm the kind of person who has a hard time getting rid of anything.