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    A PS4 Specific Hardware/Accessory subforum?

    I am a big accessory guy and was hoping there would be a decent area in the forums dedicated to PS4 Hardware, accessories and peripherals. Like maybe someone wants to post about their cool custom painted controller or their headset that they use. Perhaps someone wants to talk about upcoming...
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    Anyone else having issues with standby mode?

    When I put my PS4 in standby mode and try to switch it back on, nothing really happens. I end up having to either unplug it or hold down the power button until it fully shuts down enable to power it back up. Has anyone else had this issue?
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    Whats the best wireless headset that works on the PS4?

    Hey all, did some searching around the forums and cant find anything on it. But I am looking to get a new headset to use with either my PS3/PS4 or my PC. I'm just getting tired of moving my Astro's from my PC to the TV every time I want to game on either the TV or the computer. So I am in...