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  1. snikr

    move downloaded game

    I want to move a digital downloaded game from my PS4 to my PS5. I was able to move the games data with the link I found online but it did NOT move the game. What do I need to do to move that game?
  2. snikr

    transfer child account

    Is it possible to transfer a child account that I have set up on PSN from my PS4 to our new PS5? If so, how??
  3. snikr

    PS5 charging station

    I'm getting a PS5 and two controllers. I'd like to get a Sony charging station but those are hard to find. Amazon has some other brands of chargers but I'm wondering if they are any good. Or should I just use the cord and a adaptor to plug the USB cord in to the electric outlet like I do with my...
  4. snikr


    When you lucky people who pre-ordered your PS5's start playing on them I'd like to know what you think of the PS5 compared to the PS4.
  5. snikr

    PS5 storage

    I've been reading the PS5 specs and it has been saying that it has 825 GB of storage. With my PS4 (500 GB of storage) I had to add external storage. Will that have to happen with the PS5 and at what cost?
  6. snikr

    stupid question

    Being old and not up on current tech I need some help. My daughter bought a streaming movie from Amazon. She wanted a DVD but hit ORDER before she knew what was what. Is there a way I can play the movie through my PS4? If yes, how??? Thanks for your help.
  7. snikr

    emote changes

    For some strange reason my Imperial Trooper emote voice has changed from male to female for no apparent reason other than maybe one of the upgrades (the Rebel emotes stayed as male). Did anyone else have this happen? And if yes, how did you fix it??
  8. snikr

    game suggestions

    I just got a PS4 a couple of weeks ago and I need some suggestions for games to get for it. My 8 year old grandson and I play a bit so keep that in mind. I do have Star Wars Battlefront and like it (but can't seem to stay alive). I do like to play Forza Motorsport 4 on my Xbox 360. -]
  9. snikr

    Newbie from VT

    Hello to everyone. Just picked up a PlayStation 4 so my grandson and I could play Star Wars Battlefront. I'm on here to find out more about the PS4 and what games to buy for it. So far the PS4 is much better than my Xbox 360.