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  1. Titan

    HDMI Splitter - Connecting to 3 monitors help needed please :)

    I wouldn't assume it would unless it specifically states it does lol. But they don't look expensive so you can roll the dice on it and see what happens. Worst case you can return it. Amazon is good about that lol.
  2. Titan

    HDMI Splitter - Connecting to 3 monitors help needed please :)

    I just poked on Amazon real quick. There's a whole slew of them at varying prices. I've gotten the cheaper component and AV splitters for my retro set up and had good luck (but connecting 20/30 year old consoles is a lot different than modern consoles lol). But for what you're needs are, I'd...
  3. Titan

    Covid Cases Increase In The US And Worldwide

    I'm in NJ. We have restrictions but aren't in lock down yet. Otherwise, we are at or maybe even higher at this point than we were in April when we peaked. I'm half expecting another lock down. And I lost my job because of all this. Not very motivating trying to find a job only to possibly lose...
  4. Titan

    Can PS5 play home photos in a slideshow and MP3 background music from a USB drive ?

    Absolutely. You're right. It would just be software. I mean, remember the PS3 was a hell of a console back then. They even had software people downloaded so when they weren't gaming, they were using peoples PS3s (with their permission of course) to use the processing power of Cell for genetic...
  5. Titan

    This is ridiculous

    That isn't surprising. As a hobby and to make extra money for my game collecting, I buy and sell older consoles. I see those inflated shipping fees on eBay all the time. I'd see listings for like 3 PS2s that are selling for like 20 bucks but with 80 dollar shipping/handling fees. That should...
  6. Titan

    ps5 1440p

    It doesn't make sense. I guess their thinking is it's niche so they focused more on what the masses were using, which is HD and 4K. From what I understand, the OS is missing a lot of stuff at launch. Sounds like they prioritized things over others to keep it stable at launch. I'm sure 1440p is...
  7. Titan

    Can PS5 play home photos in a slideshow and MP3 background music from a USB drive ?

    I haven't heard anything about that so I'm gonna say probably not. I mean, something like you describe is so niche, most people didn't take advantage of it with the PS3. I tried it one time and was like "that's cool" and never did it again lol. The PS3 was designed as a multimedia center back in...
  8. Titan

    Sony says you'll need to order online to get PS5

    The online preorders have been a mess. Not even just for consoles but even for Nvidia. It's a shame to not see the lines and the enthusiasm among Sony and MS fans. But this time around it's for the best. Not worth getting COVID for a piece of electronics hardware. That ain't surprising lol...
  9. Titan

    PS5 Pre-orders Delayed Until 2021?

    Official release date is next week. Judging by past years and launches, they'll get some shipments coming in during the next month and then after the holidays is when more shipments will happen. I haven't heard anything official, but you can make inferences from what they've done in the past...
  10. Titan

    Singleplayer or Multiplayer?

    I'm mostly single player. Give me a good story and single player experience and I'm set. Rarely do I play anything PvP anymore. If I do play multiplayer, it's some kind of co-op. Which is why I was a Destiny junkie for a good chunk of this generation :) I also do still jump into Mass Effect...
  11. Titan

    PS5 Pre-orders Delayed Until 2021?

    Agreed with Carlos. I too think it's a mix. Coronavirus definitely disrupted a lot of things, no doubt about that. I'm sure a lot of Sony's employees are working remote, especially in the states. So who knows if they're as productive as if they were in the office setting. I worked remote at the...
  12. Titan

    First Look at the PlayStation 5 User Experience

    I like it. I think it's much more streamlined than the PS4 interface. Seems things are grouped together better and the new features (especially the speech to text) will be very helpful. I've never used parties anyway so the new features of that I probably don't use. I like how games are grouped...
  13. Titan

    An up-close and personal look at the PlayStation 5 console hardware

    Some thoughts here: 1) holy heat sink Batman! That thing is huge! 2) I have a funny feeling the liquid metal cooling may lead to problems down the road. But I get those funny feelings with anything that is brand new with technology. Cool concept though. 3) good call to have the vents on the...
  14. Titan

    Sony announces Backward Compatibility Questions and Answers

    I didn't either. But I lost my job due to Covid so I have to prioritize things here lol. I'm planning on getting one in March or April when stocks go back up and more games come out :) There's no harm in waiting. It's actually pretty smart. Let the early adopters find the bugs and faults of the...
  15. Titan

    What Happens To All The Disc-based Games I Have If I Buy A Digital PlayStation 5?

    Yeah. I didn't think they'd allow you to download disc games you own. You basically will have two options. 1) Keep your PS4 hooked up. 2) buy the PS5 with the disc drive. I've said this many times before and I'll say it again. I don't believe the digital edition of the PS5 (and the Series S...
  16. Titan

    Sony announces Backward Compatibility Questions and Answers

    I don't understand why they aren't including backwards compatibility with PS1 and PS2 games (PS3 games I understand because of the complexities of Cell). They've already proved they can do software emulation on PS1 and PS2. On the later slims, they used software emulation for PS1 games. And all...
  17. Titan

    Same account simultaneously logged in ps4 and ps5

    I'm not sure about playing at the same time. But I definitely believe I've had my PS3 and PS4 logged in at the same time. Don't know why they'd change that now.
  18. Titan

    Why did some people hate Resident Evil 4?

    You're right. I should get back into it. And I will keep it in my collection and give it a fair shake in time. I guess psychologically right now I've got so many games I've collected that I've yet to play, as soon as one bogs me down, I move on. It happened a few weeks ago when I tried playing...
  19. Titan

    What Accessories do you plan on buying for the PS5?

    Probably just a controller and charging station. I hate plugging in cables :)